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doctors in Stoke Newington

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janx Mon 31-Jan-05 10:28:54

Message withdrawn

DecafArabica Mon 31-Jan-05 12:36:48

Hi neighbour! I have a friend in Alkham Road who's happy with her doctor, I'll ask her which surgery it is when I see her tomorrow. I go to surgery in Defoe Rd, off Church St, but that's probably a bit far for you?

janx Mon 31-Jan-05 12:48:05

Hi DecafArabica
You seem well up on Stokey resources! I live on the High Street end of Northwold road - so Defoe might not be too far..Alkam Road sounds perfect...does it have a female doctor?

DecafArabica Tue 01-Feb-05 16:53:56

Hiya, surgery is the one in Fountayne Road. There is at least one nice female doctor.

janx Tue 01-Feb-05 21:33:49

Heard good things about that surgery, but it seems you can't chose - rang up to see how to go about changing and was told I would be offered Abney House, which my neighbour has told me is rubbish - seems so unfair

DecafArabica Wed 02-Feb-05 00:14:31

It's not rubbish! That's where we go. OK, it's really scruffy but the doctor I see is very caring.

janx Wed 02-Feb-05 15:51:09

Am glad to hear it - maybe neighbour had a bad experience.

DecafArabica Thu 03-Feb-05 11:24:48

It is very basic. They've got a nurse but I don't think they have anyone regular to do the under-5s clinic (we never go), so check out the facilities before you agree to be registered with them. Dr Salih is very nice and good with kids too. Don't know about the other doctor.

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