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Baby diarrhoea

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Hellywelly Sun 30-Jan-05 19:33:56

My baby daughter (11 weeks old) has had very runny,
mucusy, vile smelling poo for a week now (not
nice!!). She was taken to the doctors on Wednesday
who recommended stopping milk for 24 hours. So this
was done and only water offered and what fun that was
with the poor thing screaming the house down! When
she wasn't having the milk though the poo stopped. We
then reintroduced the bottles of milk half strength as
doc said and then full strength, but she started
pooing again straight away.
She will poo at every single feed (every 4 hours) and
then very often in between too, so that she is pooing
every 2-3 hours during the day.
I spoke to HV who suggested adding more water than
powder to the milk, but that didnt work either. I
considered chnaaging her formula but HV said not. (she
is on C&G premiuim at the minute- she was on Omneo for
a while but that was a few weeks ago now and it didnt
do anything for her so we switched back).
Can anyone offer any advice at all, or has anyone
experienced similar.
I am considering taking her back to docs but if he
recommends not feeding again the rest of the household
will be crying too!
Please can someone help????

ghosty Sun 30-Jan-05 19:37:37

Have they not suggested a rehydration fluid like Dioralyte? Your baby could get very dehydrated and she needs to get those fluids into her.
DD recently had a nasty tummy bug that nearly led to hospitalisation to be rehydrated. She is nearly 1 and is nicely padded so an 11 week old baby could get poorly very quickly.
Has she had a temperature or anything?

ghosty Sun 30-Jan-05 19:39:17

Also, have they not suggested taking poo samples to make sure she hasn't go rotavirus (gastroenteritis?)????
I am not sure that they way your doctor dealt with it is that great to be honest!!
I hope she gets better soon ...

Hellywelly Sun 30-Jan-05 19:43:47

No rehydration fluid was suggested. Doc said that there isnt anything you can give at this age.
I havent taken a dirty nappy to show them but as we waited in the waiting room she pooed- so he did see it when he checked her tummy.
I have rang NHS direct and spoke to my HV and they both gave me all the signs to look out for for dehydration. She seems well in herself an has not got a temperature. Not really being sick either - only a bit after some feeds.

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