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Riders on the Corn - 10 / 10 thread

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FrannyandZooey Mon 30-Jun-08 09:00:22

For anyone who wants a boost to their general health. The suggested goals are:

EAT 10 PORTIONS OF FRUIT AND VEGETABLES EVERY DAY - if you don't usually eat much fruit and veg I would build up gradually or you could upset your digestion.

DO (AT LEAST) 10 MINUTES OF EXERCISE EVERY DAY - can be yoga, stretching or something more energetic. The plan is that the idea of doing 10 minutes is not too daunting, and having started you may well find you want to do more.

There are no restrictions on what you eat so long as you get your 10 fruit and veg as well. The focus is not on weight loss but on improving our energy levels and hopefully our general mood and well-being. Sign up below and post here to tell us how you're getting on and how you are feeling.

Basic guidance on what constitutes a portion of fruit and veg here and you can download more detailed information by following the link at the very bottom of the page

FrannyandZooey Mon 30-Jun-08 09:05:23

right am setting good example

strawberries, raisins, grapes, nasty pineapple

have cancelled nanny coming <sob>

have put on some music to distract ds into eating some breakfast
he is mesmerised by Calvin Harris but keeps asking awkward questions
"why is he saying he's got lots of drugs and pills mummy? why does he like all the girls? I like all the girls too don't I? I like Scandinavian girls too, like he does." hmm

oh dear is now lying down again
I am crap at this, should I give him medicine or something?

littlerach Mon 30-Jun-08 09:10:58

I would only give medicine if he has a high temp, but I don't use much medicicne anyway.

Let him go back to bed if he wants (and you too) and listen to story tape or music.

Could the nanny come later, or tomorrow?

TigerFeet Mon 30-Jun-08 09:17:25

Have you got a thermometer Franny? Perhaps if ds could be persuaded into a cool bath he might feel a bit better.

I stopped at the co-op on the way to work and they had punnets of blueberries for 70p so I grabbed a load only to be refused them at the till because they are out of date. They looked perfectly OK though, I would have been happy to buy them anyway but the harridan shop assistant wouldn't let me. I may pop back after work and freegan them out of the bins or maybe not.

DH is in Amsterdam this week, lucky bugger. Usually I sympathise with his hectic trips abroad but this one will be laid back and unhurried so I am massively envy

Boco Mon 30-Jun-08 09:18:24

Hope ds is feeling better Franny. The Scandinavian thing reminds me of the man who lives up the road and has a notice in his window that says 'Wanted for the summer, lodger, preferably blonde and swedish but if not, nevermind'. We don't have a lot of Swedish people passing through the village, I think he'll be disappointed, but I suppose it's ok to ask. hmm


FrannyandZooey Mon 30-Jun-08 09:21:59

I don't know if he has temperature as he won't let me try thermometer yet, but he felt sizzling when he came into my bed this morning
I just thought he had got a bit hot in the night hmm

he just wants to be read Glinda of Oz so I can do that

he has blotchy knees and elbows though, what is that about?
he says "have I got petigo?" (friend has impetigo)
oh shit he hasn't, has he???

FrannyandZooey Mon 30-Jun-08 09:25:05



<steps away from the computer to read Glinda>

TigerFeet Mon 30-Jun-08 09:28:49


I want to be read Glinda of Oz. Can I come round to your house instead of being bored to tears at work? I promise not to say "Not long now!" or "You don't look pregnant from the back".

filthymindedvixen Mon 30-Jun-08 09:34:45

oh me, too Tiger...can I franny? I promise not to be demanding, I just want to snuggle underneath a duvet and be read to. And possibly drink tea. Biscuits??

TigerFeet Mon 30-Jun-08 09:36:11

I will bring cake houmous and carrot sticks <-- see, healthy grin

Stop hogging the duvet Filthy angry

FrannyandZooey Mon 30-Jun-08 11:23:40

we're having toasted cheese muffins and we've made yogurt ice lollies for later (as we can't seem to decide if we are hot or cold hmm)
not very good thermometer says 37.9. I don't know whether is accurate.
Yes I WILL read another chapter of Glinda if you will all STOP WRIGGLING
now shh and listen to how Ozma and Dorothy get trapped underwater in the Skeezer's magic lake

FrannyandZooey Mon 30-Jun-08 11:25:23

LOL dp has just emailed me "You are a strong bueatiful woman and its not long now what is it is it twins ooh you need someone to push you in a shopping trolley"
all things said to me at the weekend, mostly by complete strangers

Boco Mon 30-Jun-08 11:32:00

Was it a stranger who called you a strong beautiful woman? That's very nice. Have you punched any strangers yet?

Guadalupe Mon 30-Jun-08 11:33:16

Well, this morning has been a bloody nuisance considering I am going away later and should be perky. The van man says we can't have seatbelts in the back as it is, nowhere to anchor them to. Marvellous.

Then I have to go to the doctos as things are still not quite right and this takes forever and then my sainsburys shop is all wrong as my card didn't work and I have to spend years on the phone sorting it out while listening to dickhead tips like, 'melt a little marmalade with rosemary and deadly nightshade and baste the chicken twenty mins before serving for a fruity treat' or 'slice some bananaa into manky custard and add rum and a few pirates before grilling for a tasy pud. Gah.

<smashes phone>



Franny - he could just be blotchy from the temp, he is quite pale isn't he? I wouuld give medicine if he feels rotten and is hot but then I am a medicine giver. Could be any old virus. Mine tend to get like that for a day or two and then spring back to life.

Boco Mon 30-Jun-08 11:43:32

Oh dear Lupe - what are you going to do about the seatbelts? Friends van couldn't have them in the back either.

Hope it's all ok at the doctors, sorry things still aren't right.

FrannyandZooey Mon 30-Jun-08 11:47:57

no that bit was my doula
she sends me inspirational emails
dp finds them quite entertaining for some reason wink

I have not punched any strangers but dp has had to lead me away sharpish from a couple of particularly inane ones

MrsC ah. I bet some van specialist can bodge some seatbelts on. Go somewhere else - I know they won't be ready for today but I bet you can get something sorted. The dickhead tips are marvellous. Please feel free to tell us delicately what is wrong with your nethers. Draw diagrams if you like. I hope it can be fixed and you are not in too much pain.

He is only blotchy on elbows and knees. I am scared of impetigo - there is no way on earth we should have it as we haven't even seen the girl who's got it, but maybe it is going around? Apparently it's just terrible if newborns get it and must absolutely be avoided. I have visions of me and ds having it and me giving birth in a kind of sterile suit and the baby being taken away. Not that I am completely paranoid fantasist or anything.

Guadalupe Mon 30-Jun-08 11:48:59

well, we thought they may not be done in time today anyway so we have arranged for a friend to bring dcs out and they are going to stop with us for some fish and chips. We will have to arrange similar for return but in the long run I don't know.


I just assumed you could always have belts fitted to seats or seats added with belts. There must be a way but I think it will involve removing the bench seat and having something fixed to frame itself, probably lots more money.

I have gone off it now. I glared at it on the way to school. It didn't look sorry, it said you should have listened to the one more tails than heads.

Guadalupe Mon 30-Jun-08 11:52:38

doesn't sound like impetigo to me in my sadly extensive experience. We get it round the mouth and nose when very run down but the first sign is similar to coldsores, sore and itchy and then there are blisters. You would have to have contact with it to catch it though.

FrannyandZooey Mon 30-Jun-08 11:54:52

I think ours was maybe fixed to frame
I can't remember, will ask dp
we have got great VW man near us, might be worth driving down one time if you have no luck nearer you? You could discuss it with him on the phone first to see if he could sort it, maybe

FrannyandZooey Mon 30-Jun-08 11:55:13

thanks for impetigo info
sorry you have suffered

Boco Mon 30-Jun-08 11:57:04

Could it be a bit of dry skin Franny?
Doesn't sound a lot like impetigo.

Do your doula emails inspire you and make you feel good?

I had a birth hypnotherapist to say stuff like that. I had to concentrate on a swirly pattern she printed out for me, and tell my cervix to open like a beautiful flower while staring at it. But dd1 stuck a picture of baboons drumming in the middle of it, so it ruined the whole thing.

Guadalupe Mon 30-Jun-08 12:00:36

we haven't had them for a while, touch wood, but then we have been fairly healthy apart from colds.

I have found a squished up goats cheese in my hand bag. I womder if it will be ok if I flatten it out again.

FrannyandZooey Mon 30-Jun-08 12:01:21

<examines ds for tenth time>
it's kind of streaky
like gangrene except red
he's sitting at the dining room table listening to a story tape and he keeps putting his head down on the table, but he won't come and lie on the sofa with me

Guadalupe Mon 30-Jun-08 12:01:37

OMG, that remind me of a hilarious thing that happened when I had hypnotherapy for the birth.

Hang on, there is someone at the door

FrannyandZooey Mon 30-Jun-08 12:01:39

<snort> at baboons

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