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appt with GP re breast reduction tomorrow. Have so much hope stored up. What should I emphasise? Physical or psychological issues?

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Piffle Wed 25-Jun-08 20:22:24

size 8-10
30HH boobs
no more kids as have 3 supremely good specimens in situ
Good bmi etc
have shoulder neck pain constantly, dents in shoulders, fungal rashes. Plus v self conscious as on my frame (boyish) they look quite frankly, comedic.
So am falling on nhs to save me...
zero vanity involved in this tbh
am anxious and fear tears may flow as want this soooookooo badly

SoupKitchen Wed 25-Jun-08 20:30:54

I think you should emphasise both and I don't think a few tears would hurt your case, good luck for tommorow

Desiderata Wed 25-Jun-08 20:33:27

With small boobs, psychological .. with big boobs, physical.

You have three kids to look after, and your boobs are hurting you. It's a no-brainer.

Good luck!

mistypeaks Wed 25-Jun-08 20:34:30

I think say to GP exactly what you've just said (but in actual sentences wink). Let the tears flow. Surely if give you shoulder pain a reduction now is cheaper than treatment for the pain at a later date. I'm also a 8-10 but only a E/EE cup. I know the kind of discomfort I get so sheesh I feel for you. I also had to have chiropracty for my back (car accident not nork related) and its £50 odd quid a pop shock.

TheBlonde Wed 25-Jun-08 20:38:01


toomanyshoes Wed 25-Jun-08 20:40:18

I had mine done on the NHS (13 years ago), GP was great about it and I emphasised the physical and emotional stuff. If your GP says he won't refer you to a plastic surgeon ask to see another GP at your practise. It's not the GP's decision whether you get the op, it's the consultants so as long as you can get referred for a consultation you'll be one step nearer. Good luck, I am delighted with mine!

Piffle Wed 25-Jun-08 20:40:29

I spend £100 every 6-8 wks on bras... £6 month on over counter antifungal cream
£80 per month physio and osteo...
yep cost... Physio and osteo said breasts undoubtedly causing the problems. My regulat Fitter at john lewis said her sister in law got nhs reduction at 32ff...
fingers crossed x x

mistypeaks Wed 25-Jun-08 21:12:28

I can't see any logical reason for you not to get the reduction. At your frame that is enormous (not being flippant I do understand). I am so so lucky that whilst I am large chested to a degree it can make some folk double take, I am not in any real discomfort from it. (other than the red under boobage that you have to really watch out doesn't turn into big spots - you understand I;m sure) Keep us posted I am genuinly interested in how you get on smile.

OneLieIn Wed 25-Jun-08 21:15:20

Good luck piffle, I am a 32JJ so will be really interested to see how you get on. I understand the pain, I spend most of the day stretching, cracking my back, trying to loosen my neck etc -

Good luck, cry your eyes out. I am sure your GP will be sympathetic to you.

OneLieIn Wed 25-Jun-08 21:15:37

Good luck piffle, I am a 32JJ so will be really interested to see how you get on. I understand the pain, I spend most of the day stretching, cracking my back, trying to loosen my neck etc -

Good luck, cry your eyes out. I am sure your GP will be sympathetic to you.

joyfulspike Wed 25-Jun-08 21:27:55

I was 36J was told to lose weight and went down to 34J!!

I had a v supportive gp but had to emphasise every aspect to get my reduction. my first request was rejected so had to appeal. All those I know who have tried to get this op were also turned down first off. I think they do this to see how determined you are.

my grounds for the op were, physical - pain when exercising, working, just moving about, sores, dents in shoulders, I had to give up sport as it was too painful etc

and mental, I felt like a freak, my body was out of proportion, couldn't bf (my boob was larger than ds's head - I could hardly see him!)which led to pnd, had counselling and ADs which didn't help, I couldn't bear to have dh touch me as I felt such a freak, I also felt my boobs were a physical disability as they prevented me from living a normal healthy life.

I eventually had the op in January - yipee and am now a happy size 34dd

Tell your gp everything and be prepared to be knocked back. I would also 'sex up' your problems eg back pain is severe back pain etc iyswim? go for it and good luck

Piffle Wed 25-Jun-08 21:43:14

have had severe post natal SPD/pelvic misalignment/sacro iliac dysfunction, worsened by my posture = posture affected by boobage...
vicious circle...
I am self conscious even with DP...
appreciating this input. Am seeing GP who has good rep for PND/ mothers etc ...

Piffle Thu 26-Jun-08 11:18:01

oh lovely doctor saw them and said
oh your poor girl, you fill all the criteria twice over and has written to pct to apply for consultant referral. She said it looks an open and shut decision...
she also said should happen quite quickly
am so relieved!

TigerFeet Thu 26-Jun-08 11:23:50

I'm so pleased for you Piff Good luck with it.

ManhattanMama Thu 26-Jun-08 11:25:42

Glad your appt went well!

I had mine done on the NHS 3 years ago. I was a 36G at the time, suffering from all the usual problems that you listed.

I'd been seeing a physio for 6 months with no improvement, had lost weight to see if they'd get any smaller (they didn't, my cup size just got bigger as my back size reduced), had bought expensive bras to try and get more support.

When I went to see the doc to ask for a reduction they were great - he just looked at my file, saw I'd had the physio, and referred me without even looking at the culprits.

Piffle Thu 26-Jun-08 11:31:04

Manhattanmama same here!
have lost 4kgs in last 6 mths but they got bigger as back size went from 34 down to 30!!!
now slimmer they look even more mad on me.
am sick of physio and so on. Would rather run and swim and horseride...
Bring it on!
how did you find consults mm? What size did you ask for?any control over end size?
recovery afterwards? How long in hospital?
sorry rapid fire questions
mum has said she'll look after me afterwards

solarpoweredbarbarella Thu 26-Jun-08 12:04:34

definatley physical, thats what i did and I actually don't have back ache anymore since op in dec. Doc asked me how it affected me physcologically and I said tbh it doesn't.
Althoug as others have said a few tears never goes a miss.

Piffle Thu 26-Jun-08 12:06:37

I didn't cry! Quivered but she knew from my face I was desperately hoping I think!
can't believe I finally am getting it done!!!!

solarpoweredbarbarella Thu 26-Jun-08 12:15:41

i didn't read the whole thread blush, I am so pleased for you.
Appart from2 small people and a lovely dh it is the best thing I have ever done.

nooka Thu 26-Jun-08 12:16:49

Bear in mind that it is highly unlikely the GP is the one making the decision whether to go ahead. Yes you will need to convince them, but it is likely that the referral will need approval from your local PCT as an exceptional case. So if convinced, your GP will have to fill in a form (you may be able to find this on your PCT's website to give you an idea of the things they are looking for) this will be considered by a panel and then approved or declined (there is an appeal process). It sounds as if you have a good case, so make sure you are clear with the GP about the consequences of the size of your breasts, as the important thing is that it all goes in the application. It may take a month or so to hear whether you have been successful. Good luck

Piffle Thu 26-Jun-08 12:17:19

am hoping tis the same for me!

Piffle Thu 26-Jun-08 12:19:36

thanks for that nooka. Appt was today.
doc said she writes to pct and they accept based on meeting the criteria. Gp said I meet ALL criteria easily.
hence her hoping it would be straightforward.
here is hoping !

sitdownpleasegeorge Thu 26-Jun-08 12:35:34

Oh congratulations !

I'm 34 J/K, get the underboob rashes (can you recommend a suitable remedy) and have dents in shoulders and repeated sacro-iliac muscle strains.

I gave up my main forms of exercise because even sports bras didn't stop it all being jolly uncomfortable and I was so self-conscious about my enormous norks.

I need to lose quite a bit of weight (so my G.P. doesn't assume they will get smaller if I diet, I have been much smaller before but the norks didn't shrink much at all) before I even approach my G.P. and I also need my youngest child to be a bit older and more self-reliant.

You have inspired me to persist with my plans to get a reduction even if my family think that it is just vanity (it soooo isn't anything to do with vanity even if it would be nice to fit into the right size tops/blouses for my frame without them straining to contain the boobs and looking vile)

I believe I experienced a downward spiral of weight gain caused by large boobs making most sports uncomfortable or making me too self-conscious in the appropriate clothing - swimming costumes are a nightmare - nowhere near enough support. I have regular major crises of confidence if I can't hide them away in tent like tops which I know are unflattering to the rest of my body.

Please keep us updated with your progress, I wonder how long the NHS waiting list is for breast reductions.

misdee Thu 26-Jun-08 12:39:48

oh well done piffle.

my aim after this baby, is to lose weight, get to good BMI and if my boobs are still huge will ask for a reduction as well. atm am 5stone overweight so need to shift that next year.

i hate my boobs.

i saw the pics from raceforlife and was shocked at how big my boobs are compared to my friend who actually had an enlargment.

misdee Thu 26-Jun-08 12:41:58

pic 5 now an ff

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