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What can I do for a 6 week old with a chesty cough and a very snuffly nose?

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smellymelly Fri 28-Jan-05 17:03:57

My poor little ds2 is on his 2nd cold already (his twin sister has had 2 as well, but is not so poorly with it).

He has a chesty cough and is very snuffly particularly at night. We have seen 2 Gp's and his chest sounds fine, and he has no temperature, but I feel so sorry for him when he coughs, and he has had to sleep in his bouncy chair for the last 2 nights as he can't breathe.

Dh has just got some snuffle babes(?), and some essential oil to heat over a candle. Is there anything else I can do to help him?

Dd1 had bronchilitus at 3 months so I'm really worried ds2 could get it.

spykid Fri 28-Jan-05 17:10:19

OOH Smellymelly, i really sympathise.
Ds2 had bronchilitus at 7 weeks and now suffers with a chesty cough quite regularly.
Try putting a couple of house bricks or big books under the legs of the head end of his cot/crib, it will help him breathe.
Another good tip is to put damp towels on the radiators as it puts moisture in the air and can soothe the cough too.
Hope this helps an d that your ds gets better soon ((hugs))

LIZS Fri 28-Jan-05 17:19:51

You may need to be cautious about essential oils. dh purchased a Boots vaporiser yesterday (dd who is 3 is also suffering), which has pads containing euchalyptus oil, peppermint and so on, but it says use from 3 months.

dd had bronchiolitis at 3 months and we used a humidifier to help moisten the air but damp towels would have a similar effect. Can you do a Breatheasy bath for him or do Johnsons still do the matching cream, assuming it is suitable for his age. Also try using saline drops and one of those bulb devices (nasal aspirator ?) to clear his nose before feeding and sleeping.

Hope he is better soon

PandaBear Fri 28-Jan-05 17:20:46

My sympathies too. - DD2 (10 weeks) has also had 2 colds. Saline nose drops seem to help

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