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jofeb04 Fri 28-Jan-05 11:53:19

Just needing a bit of advise.
I gave birth to my ds 11 months ago, and went onto the pill for about 5 months. As me and dh both want a close age gap, we decieded it was best to come off the pill, and let nature happen. Howver............
I'm having anything between 4 and 8 weeks cycle, and dont have a clue why???
Anyone else suffered like this? Im currently 2 weeks late now, but dont want to get my hopes up. And its very expensive to buy tests all the time. BTW, i was due on the 12th of January.

Freckle Fri 28-Jan-05 12:07:18

After having a baby, your cycle can take some time to settle down. If you compound that by taking the pill, it's probably quite normal for your cycle to be all over the place at the moment. If you don't want to keep buying tests, check to see if your local pharmacy does pregnancy tests (I think you have to take a urine sample in). They usually cost about £5.

MancMum Fri 28-Jan-05 13:29:11

totally agree wtih what freckele says = it does take a while to settle down.

FWIW when I was going thru the same thing, I bought 50 pg tests off the web for about 12 quod and the same number of ovulation testers == loads cheaper than from shop - not quite a posh as you just get a strip to dip pee into but still gives the results you want.. I actually used all of my pg ones testing every day when I did get pg.

Can not remember the web site but google somethig like "Cheap pregnancy tests UK" I will have a quick go and see if I find anything..

Hope you are PG now"

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