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Blandmum Mon 23-Jun-08 07:22:30

My brave sweet man died this morning. I was with him at the end.

Please remember a fine man in your thoughts.

mufti Mon 23-Jun-08 07:24:53

so sorry for your loss

Hassled Mon 23-Jun-08 07:25:32

Oh MB I'm so so sorry. You will both be in my thoughts. Nothing I can say will sound like any more than a platitude - I'm sorry.

superloopy Mon 23-Jun-08 07:25:56

I am so sorry. May he rest in peace.
With love from my family to yours.
xx SL

DaBombDiggitty Mon 23-Jun-08 07:26:17

Oh MB - I am sorry,Rest in peace Mr MB xx

RubySlippers Mon 23-Jun-08 07:26:53

i am so, so sorry for your loss

my thoughts are with you and your family today

rest in peace Mr MB


windygalestoday Mon 23-Jun-08 07:27:13

im so very sorry,Dee xx

RusselBrussel Mon 23-Jun-08 07:27:21

Oh MB I am so very very sorry.
Rest in peace Mr MB.


ChirpyGirl Mon 23-Jun-08 07:28:02

I am so sorry, glad you have the lovely memories of his MBE.
wishing you lots of strength over the coming days, x

mankyscotslass Mon 23-Jun-08 07:30:20

I am so sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you and your family.

cositjustisok Mon 23-Jun-08 07:32:00

Thinking of you, so so sorry for your loss.
Much love and strength x

aznerak Mon 23-Jun-08 07:32:16

I have never posted on your threads before but I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Congratulations on getting the MBE sorted. You must have been incredibly proud.
Take care of yourself x x

poshtottie Mon 23-Jun-08 07:37:03

Very sorry for your loss, you are in my thoughts.

TheCheeseAlarm Mon 23-Jun-08 07:38:42

so very, very sorry

you are all in my thoughts

Shoshe Mon 23-Jun-08 07:39:39

Oh I'm so sorry, you are all in our thoughts.

iMum Mon 23-Jun-08 07:40:55

Oh MB, I am so sorry. Thinking of you lets right now.

iMum Mon 23-Jun-08 07:41:31

thinking of you lots, not lets.


Furball Mon 23-Jun-08 07:44:39

so, so sorry MB

Mercy Mon 23-Jun-08 07:45:00

I'm so sorry MB

Flamesparrow Mon 23-Jun-08 07:46:14

Oh sweetheart

You and your family are in my heart


ggglimpopo Mon 23-Jun-08 07:47:11

Oh MB. I am so sorry. Life is so cruel and unfair. If there is anything, anything I can do, please contact me.


Pruners Mon 23-Jun-08 07:47:22

Message withdrawn

getbackinyouryurtjimjams Mon 23-Jun-08 07:48:11

Oh MB I'm so sorry. Will make a donation to our local hospice this week from us all. Cxx

JackieNo Mon 23-Jun-08 07:49:13

MB - I'm so sorry.

rarebreed Mon 23-Jun-08 07:50:49

I am so sorry. x

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