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Tummy upset

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charlie01 Thu 27-Jan-05 18:14:55

My 1 year old has got a tummy upset (diarreah) and has been poorly for a couple of days. So far I have given him any bland food he has fancied and this morning he seemed better and ate all his breakfast. He had some raisins at about 10 but then didn't want lunch. He was sick an hour ago everything he had eaten came back (raisins had swollen and were massive was very scary!) so obviously skipped tea. Question is do I give him his bedtime milk? Dont know if he'll go to sleep without it. Also how long do I leave it before I take him to the docs. He is drinking lots of water but sleeping lots.

charlie01 Thu 27-Jan-05 18:22:49

Anyone? Quick its nearly bottle time and I dont know what to do!

zippy539 Thu 27-Jan-05 18:28:13

I think I've been advised to steer clear of dairy produce when they have an upset tummy - but TBH I usually find that mine refuse milk if they have an upset tummy. Could you offer your ds something else to drink instead - a bottle of water, some watered down milk?

charlie01 Thu 27-Jan-05 18:31:04

Thanks! I had a feeling dairy wouldn't be good. I certainly wouldn't fancy half a pint of milk after being sick! Will give your ideas a try.

zippy539 Sat 29-Jan-05 14:17:32

How's he doing now, Charlie01?

charlie01 Sun 30-Jan-05 00:27:21

Thanks for asking!

We've had an awful couple of days, he's been really poorly. Turns out the milk worry was unnecessary as he definitely didn't want any! He's finally stopped being sick (he couldn't even keep a sip of water down yesterday) but has still got the runs. Poor little guy, it feels awful not being able to make him feel better! Somebody should give lessons in what to expect the first time they're ill cos it sure is a shock!

pinkdiamond Sun 30-Jan-05 00:32:59

Message withdrawn

essbee Sun 30-Jan-05 00:39:16

Message withdrawn

Wondermom Sun 30-Jan-05 00:46:23

DD2 was very poorly last year, age 18months with a really bad sickness bug. She was sick until there was nothing left to bring up. To my horror, she bought up brown water which I presumed correctly was blood from the stomach lining.Took her straight to casualty and she was kept in 2 days, on a drip. There advice to me was to give VERY small sips of water. When the stomach is so sencitised, it will reject any more than that. She slept through most of the ordeal but I didnt sleep for 3 nights... VERY worrying when your children are ill isn't it. She was as right as rain within 3 days. It was Gastroitus.

charlie01 Sun 30-Jan-05 00:55:12

Strangely the (warm) blackcurrant dioralyte that the doctor prescribed is the only thing he wants! He's been to the doctors twice - Im paranoid but I don't care! He's had the runs for nearly a week now but its awful because even though the doctor says to starve him he's really hungry so he keeps taking me to the kitchen and pointing at the steriliser - I feel so mean because he gets so upset. How long can a tummy bug possibly last for?

Wondermom Sun 30-Jan-05 01:35:53

It'll be working it's way out of his system. Won't go on for much longer now surely. Just give him lots of love and cuddles, which I'm sure you are ... <<<<<<hug>>>>>> to you too - It's tough.

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