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Very worried ds has clicky knees...anybody else?

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goodasgold Sat 21-Jun-08 21:54:57

When my ds had his paed check they noticed clicky knees. The SCBU doctor had never seen it before so we have been referred to a specialist. I'm concerned (understatement) that he will have mobility problems. Has anybody else gone through this with their baby and if so please advise me. ds is almost 8 weeks old now.

I can't talk about it in rl as I become tearful.

cory Sun 22-Jun-08 17:45:55

Don't worry too much, hun. It can be a sign of some condition that may lead to mobility problems, but equally well it may not.

My ds (8 years) has very clicky knees. He does have a connective tissue disorder but doesn't seem to be developing the mobility problems that sometimes go with it.

Dd had very clicky knees and actually had a small operation on one of them (at age 11), as the consultant said part of the kneecap was too big. Seems to have helped.

duomonstermum Sun 22-Jun-08 18:07:00

it can be a symptom of osgood-shlatters (sp??) my brother had it and the first sign was the clicky knee. it doesn't cause any problems despite the long name, but can be really uncomfortable during growth spurts and if i remember correctle it's more prevalent in boys. then again he could just have clicky knees. my doc says to think of a rubber band sliding over a smooth ball. sometimes it makes a snapping noise but does no harm.

gagarin Sun 22-Jun-08 18:25:58

Clicky knees? Sounds as though the scbu doc has had too much of the abnormal and not enough rl!

Loads of babies click somewhere

I'm with duomonstermum....

"my doc says to think of a rubber band sliding over a smooth ball. sometimes it makes a snapping noise but does no harm."

Are you sure it was the knees and not the hips?

Clicky hips can (sometimes - only sometimes!) mean there could be (only could be!) an issue with the hips joints.

Please don't panic and get things out of proportion. It's very unlikely there is anything serious wrong with him. Go and see you GP and explain how panicked you are and perhaps he/she can put your mind at rest.

deepbreath Sun 22-Jun-08 20:00:22

We've got a connective tissue disorder in our family too, but even my ds (who is OK) used to click all over the place when he was tiny.

They thought he had clicky hips when he was born, but they were fine when he saw the orthopaedic surgeon. Even his chest used to click when you picked him up, which was quite alarming at first. He's 6 now, and has no problems at all.

Please try not to worry, they have probably referred your little one as a precaution, as they did with my ds.

dreamymum Sun 22-Jun-08 20:01:52

i have those till today. can't ride a bike its painful after a while.
after visits to doctors was - my walk isn't 100% as it should be and I should do 3 different kinds of exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knees. I never did them (that was about 17 years ago that i was told...)

goodasgold Sat 28-Jun-08 20:59:48

Thank you all for posting. It is definately his knees, not his hips, and nowhere else. The SCBU doctor checked all his joints.

My dh thinks it is a punishment for wanting a boy so much after 2 girls.

I'm trying not to worry, but I'm too scared to be confident just in case. DS is a very sweet baby, I just want him to be OK.

Our appointment is in less than 3 weeks so I will let you know what the specialist says.

goodasgold Mon 28-Jul-08 22:42:17

We saw the specialist who said it was the hormones to loosen me up for birth passing to him, and that it's nothing to worry about at all. I feel so relieved. Now I can really enjoy my lovely little baby.

rainbowdays Thu 02-Oct-08 18:31:53

Goodasgold - sorry to ask but has your ds'clicky knees stopped now? My ds is now 6 months old and for the last couple of months we have noticed he has a clicky knee. But at 6 months old it seems too long ago for it to be from hormones in his case. I am going to mention it to the GP when ds goes for his next immunisations as it does not seem to be going away, if anything it is becoming more noticable. I hope you read this and are able to let me know how your ds is?

TINAXX Sun 28-Jun-09 22:29:00

My son has very clicky knees since birth, he is now nearly one and still has the problem. He wont crawl on his knees, instead he sits on his bottom and shuffles around. He has an appointment tomorrow with a specialist in hospital. My husband and I are very nervous. Fingers crossed everything is ok. i will get back on and let everyone know how we get on.

Shalenag7 Sun 16-Apr-17 21:13:51

My daughter is 20 months and has clicky knees since baby doctors aint bothered about it but im a big concerned it could cause arthritis as they are constantly clicking

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