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Have you, or anyone you know had an eating disorder?

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ohcomeon Fri 20-Jun-08 18:32:15

Id just like to hear your stories really.
I used to have bulimia, and it rears its ugly head every now and then. I think its like alcoholism - it never really goes away. sad

EmilyandLola Fri 20-Jun-08 20:40:09

uh, not one for opting to give away personal info but never mind.

I used to and some times still do have major issues with food and meals.

I can go for days without eating, at my worst i weighted 7 stone 6 at 5 ft 6 that wasnt healthy, am now a 9 stone and feel ok - get very upset with constant comments from my new partner's comments and he has actually forced me to eat aswell, which wasnt pleasent, i am usually so ashamed of it that i make myself eat infront of him even if im sick later on - the only times i have never had issues with food is when ive been pregnant, which is good :-)

princessglitter Fri 20-Jun-08 20:42:12

I had bulimia for 8 years, but it actually does seem to have gone away now (it's been a year now).

mosschops30 Fri 20-Jun-08 20:44:16

I have huge issues. I eat what I want, but exercise excessively.
I currently weigh 8st at 5'7 which for me is a happy weight.
If i stop training i feel like a elephant sad

sarah293 Fri 20-Jun-08 20:46:42

Message withdrawn

notnowbernard Fri 20-Jun-08 20:50:51

I have worked in a Unit where Bulimia has been treated alongside addictions to drugs, alcohol and gambling

I can see how it can be considered an addictive illness

chankins Fri 20-Jun-08 20:51:11

was bulimic for 7 years, I saw a pyschotherapist for it which was brilliant - also was determined to have kids and needed regular periods for that, which gave me the reason to stop - it has not come back since in 6 years, though at certain low times, I have found myself feeling fat, wanting to be sick, but have stopped myself and excercised instead. Having kids really helped me, made me realise how important good health is, how amazing your body is, plus I have dds and would not want to pass any worries/hang ups on to them. So now I eat sensibly, exercise when I have time, and Im mostly ok.

cyteen Fri 20-Jun-08 20:57:29

A friend was very anorexic when we were at school. 15 years later she remains completely in the grip of the issues that manifested as anorexia in her teens. She is a very difficult and complex person to be friends with, and I doubt she'll ever escape the mental processes that make her so.

Less intimately, I know a lot of people who describe themselves as disordered eaters.

VictorianSqualor Fri 20-Jun-08 20:59:53

Yes, I had anorexia and bulimia, I would go through phases of each. Sometimes now I still feel like vomiting if I eat 'too much' or I cut out food and drink water to make me feel better.
I agree it doesn't go away, it just gets controlled.

BlueDragonfly Fri 20-Jun-08 21:02:56

there isan eating disorder sufferers thread somwhere, will go find it

ohcomeon Fri 20-Jun-08 21:30:08

mosschops30 - thats really sad. sad
Im 5ft 6 and at my lowest was 8st 6lb and didnt look good.
My highest has been 11st, but thats was immediately after having ds2.
It never seems to go, and its always in the back of my mind, although now, im thinking about it more. Have barely eaten for days, and feel awful after iv eaten even the tiny bits of food. sad

ohcomeon Fri 20-Jun-08 22:15:35


paddingtonbear1 Fri 20-Jun-08 22:23:29

I did in the past - I started my periods very late because of it. Am only 5 ft but my lowest weight was 5 stone.
Am ok now - still not happy with my figure (esp. after having dd), but have accepted it, mostly.

OracleInaCoracle Fri 20-Jun-08 22:28:22

i am a recovering anorexic, i am addicted to not eating. at my lowest weight i was 14 and weighed 3st, ended up in hospital on the verge of complete organ failure. i am now 30, 5'2" and never weigh myself. i accept that i have an evil twin. she sits on my shoulder quietly then when things get too much whispers in my ear. its very easy to not eat, especially when it starts to feel good.

Arabica Fri 20-Jun-08 23:09:38

I was bulimic until my mid-20s and am now a compulsive eater. I've just been to my GP and have been referred to the local eating disorders unit as my eating has been very out of control since my DD was born (she has various developmental problems).

littlewoman Sat 21-Jun-08 00:14:02

I have a phobia of eating, which is boring me to death at the moment. I can only eat certain 'trusted' foods. Losing weight and back on prozac to try and control it.

littlewoman Sat 21-Jun-08 00:15:30

I've had my disorder for 20 odd years. The only time it went away was when I split up with xh, 4 years ago, and I was so depressed that I didn't care if I lived or died. I ate anything then.

lou33 Sat 21-Jun-08 00:36:01

i was 4.5 stone aged 13/14, i was surviving on rich tea biscuits toast and cups of tea

i have no problems relating to food and eating now, i dont even have scales, but i know i could very easily not eat for long periods if i chose

actually nowadays i am very careful to make sure i DO eat, as i lose weight easily through stress, and recently the mouth ulcer from hell, which meant i barely swallowed anything because of the pain

i lost weight rapidly, to the point last week i burst into tears at how thin i looked, but i have had anti biotics now and am once again stuffing my face, so have very slowly started regaining weight lost

currently 7st 13 (from the ulcer not letting me eat), which is 3 lbs heavier than about 2 weeks ago, and i am trying to get up to about 8.5 stone again

i am 5ft 7

mosschops30 Sat 21-Jun-08 13:22:08

why sad ohcomeon?

I feel healthy, I certainly dont think Im like VB who lives on frozen peas or whatever. I eat a good diet but am aware I control my weight massively thru exercise which I know is unhealthy, but when I get into a size 8 i feel great blush

stayinbed Sun 19-Oct-08 12:31:11

are any of you still around?

needmorecoffee Sun 19-Oct-08 12:33:15

had anorexia and ended up in hospital. It still rears up and recetly I asked for help but in this area there is no help until you are a month from death.

AnAngelWithin Sun 19-Oct-08 12:38:46

yes.i was below 7.5 stone at 5ft 5 when i was 17 and DH (then BF) said i looked so awful. still struggle. i am actually overweight now and every so often just stop eating for days til migraines from not eating and dehydration take over and i am forced to eat to eat to have the strngth to look after my children. sad

peacelily Sun 19-Oct-08 12:56:20

don't know if it could be termed an eating disorder but for much of my late teens and early 20 didn't eat much at all. Felt like I was gagging and choking when I tried to eat.

BMi of 17 in those days and 5'8" at the time 7.5 stones.

Was 8 stone for a while then at 30 a bit heavier but now after having dd(2) am 9 stone 3 lb. For me that feels enormous amd I feel like a heffalump even though the rational me tells me it's healthy. I want to be under 9 stone.

When i struggled to eat tho I didn't have "anorexic cognitions" I was just totally strung out and anxious. Can now eat though even when stressed.

MadameCastafiore Sun 19-Oct-08 13:11:15

I was anorexic as a teen - it sometimes comes back but now I just eat less and make myself sick - am disgusted with myslef but I had a crap childhood and it is a sort of valve that I open and let the steam out when things get hard or I am a bit down - I know it is pathetic but no I don't think it will ever go away.

I am fine when others are around or when I do a family meal or even for just DH and I but I have to force myself to eat if I am here alone - it's like I don't have that hungry thing going on - I can just forget about food completely.

ninah Sun 19-Oct-08 13:17:25

snap, lou - I was like this at 13/4, in hosp 6 months+ then a few years of anorexia, bulimia etc. Now I don't think about what I eat but I make sure I don't weigh myself just in case, am prob about 10 stone 5 feet 8

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