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Magic cures for cold sores?

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Surfermum Wed 26-Jan-05 19:47:46

I've got a second head growing on my upper lip according to dh. They sure know how to make you feel better don't they. I know it's a cold sore - I've had them on and off for years and Zovirax doesn't seem to work for me any more. Anyone know of anything else I can put on it?

cloudy Wed 26-Jan-05 19:49:43

My mother used to swear by the amino acid Lyseine, she bought it in health food stores. Esp. if she took it just as she felt the sore coming on.

oatcake Wed 26-Jan-05 19:51:24

vira soothe - it's from new zealand - all natural and I've been using it for years. works much better than anything else

charliecat Wed 26-Jan-05 19:53:35

My mum saw something in a magazine which made her buy some melissa herbal stuff in a spray bottle...its melissa floral water now im remembering and she gave it to her friend who is blighted by cold sores ...who was sceptical...but the minute she felt a tingling she put this stuff on and the cold sore didnt ever appear...she couldnt believe it still doesnt. That was on Xmas day and she hasnt had any since...normally she would have had 1 or 2 more since then....she couldnt recommened it enough.

smellymelly Wed 26-Jan-05 20:04:31

I read once that rubbing raw garlic on it can help.

Berries Wed 26-Jan-05 21:28:16

we always use
carmex It was recommended by a ski instructor years ago & you could only get it in the states then. If I use it as soon as my lips start to get dry I find I don't get the cold sores anymore, and if I forget, it does seem to clear them up quicker.
Also use it on the kids btw - they find it stings a bit (prob the menthol) but rarely have to use it more than once or twice.

fee77 Thu 27-Jan-05 14:29:12

Apparently if you dab a bit of wee on it it helps! Same for chillblains!

bundle Thu 27-Jan-05 14:30:39

tea tree has anti viral properties, might be worth a try

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