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Buda Wed 18-Jun-08 11:15:56

Hope this is ok - both other threads seem to be full or almost full now.

We are all thinking of you Jo.

Trifles and rum and bubbles at the ready.

SoupKitchen Wed 18-Jun-08 11:20:06

Thinking of you today.

Will be having trifle for tea and blowing bubbles in the garden and remembering Steve.

wilbur Wed 18-Jun-08 11:22:54

I hope today goes well and is a comfort for you all. Thinking of you. Take care. x

hotcrossbunny Wed 18-Jun-08 11:23:56

Thinking of all of you today. Hope it all goes as well as you would like. xxx

Gumbo Wed 18-Jun-08 11:25:35

I hope today isn't too hard.

Thinking of you all.

Niecie Wed 18-Jun-08 11:28:36

OJ - Thinking of you, the children and Steve as well. Wishing you and the children strength to get through the day and out the other side.

I hope everything goes as well as you planned and hoped for. xx

yorkiemom Wed 18-Jun-08 11:29:31

Thinking of you today xxxxx

TimeForMe Wed 18-Jun-08 11:31:52

Thinking of you so much! I just wish I knew what to say. Lots of love xxx

west3 Wed 18-Jun-08 11:51:01

Have got the bubble machine going in the garden and we are going to have a trifle picnic after school today. DD said "the bubbles would be little bits of hugs floating out to all the boys and girls missing their daddy today".
Love and hugs for today xxx

naswm Wed 18-Jun-08 11:55:51

{{{{{OJ and family}}}}}

trulymadlydeeply Wed 18-Jun-08 12:21:54

Lots of love, OJ.

Thinking of you today ...


JRocks Wed 18-Jun-08 12:49:24

Thinking of you too. Hope it all goes well x

WendyWeber Wed 18-Jun-08 12:57:54

Hope the funeral was peaceful & MIL behaved.

(I was touched to read about Mike's notice in the paper - he often seems as if he's sound at heart (as Steve's twin he should be) but then his mother send him off the rails occasionally - her notice will just make her look ridiculous hmm)

We're here when you need us, oj.


bossybritches Wed 18-Jun-08 13:10:25

West3 - what a lovely thought from your DD

WW you are SO right, I have thought that myself.

fawkeoff Wed 18-Jun-08 13:12:22

(((((((((((((((OJ AND KIDS)))))))))))))
nothing more to my prayers as always sweetie x x x

TiggerLicious Wed 18-Jun-08 13:14:03

Thinking of you all.x.x.x.x.

MarsLady Wed 18-Jun-08 13:16:24

Trifle and rum at the ready! smile

ScoobyDoo Wed 18-Jun-08 13:19:15

Thinking of you all today Oj xx

TimeForMe Wed 18-Jun-08 13:19:45


Ellbell Wed 18-Jun-08 13:31:45

I am thinking of you and your family today OJ.

Much love


imaginaryfriend Wed 18-Jun-08 13:37:22

hope you're doing ok today OJ xxx

whispywhisp Wed 18-Jun-08 13:47:51

Lots of love being sent your way today Jo.

Trifle in the fridge, ready for later. smile


SaggyOldBagpuss Wed 18-Jun-08 13:49:28

Sending love to you all today xx

AlistairSim Wed 18-Jun-08 13:58:17


magnolia74 Wed 18-Jun-08 14:06:53

Thinking of you and your children today xxx

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