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how many wees is normal in a day ?

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tomps Tue 25-Jan-05 22:29:49

For the last couple of months, dd (aged 3) seems to have gone off weeing during the day, and when prompted will usually say she just doesn[t need a wee. She doesn[t say it hurts, hasn't had a temperature (so I'm ruling out an infection), to the best of my knowledge has not had a traumatic potty / toilet experience. She still has a nappy at night and this is usually pretty wet, but once she's wee'd in it in the morning say 9am, she can easily go until 4ish without accident until I usually bribe her eg no cbeebies until you've done a wee. She doesn't drink loads but always has drinks available to her, and I'm sure she's not drinking less than before she 'stopped' weeing. I'm thinking a star chart would probably work for getting her to drink and wee more, but not sure how much she should be drinking and weeing, apart from obviously more than now ! Any advice oh wise mumsnetters ? Top tips gratefully received

Dior Tue 25-Jan-05 22:46:27

Message withdrawn

Dior Tue 25-Jan-05 22:46:49

Message withdrawn

starlover Wed 26-Jan-05 16:01:22

I was the same as dior!
I have only ever needed to do about 2 wee's a day.. 3 MAX (that is, until I got pregnant!)
I used to get very, very stressed when people tried to make me go though... so beware!

ditto dior again, if she is still drinking fine and seems in good health then I don't think it should be a problem!

EnlightenedFlum Wed 26-Jan-05 16:04:06


LIZS Wed 26-Jan-05 16:09:27

dd is similar, also 3. Out of night pull ups at 8ish (usually wet) then a wee at playgroup, one mid afternoon and perhaps another around dinner time. The last one is a bit hit and miss atm - she gets tired or distracted too easily.

Bozza Wed 26-Jan-05 16:15:55

DS (3.11)only does occasionally. I think us Mums with our post-childbirth pelvic floors sometimes do not realise that children can have very strong bladders. DS goes to bed at 7.30 pm and has been known to go through until after 9 am. He has a potty in his bedroom which he sometimes uses when he gets up. Then we eventually realise it is empty and ask him if he's done a wee and send him off to the toilet. He doesn't drink huge amounts but that is a very long time.

I usually go on what colour the wee is TBH. If its is darkish then try and increase his fluids.

amynnixmum Wed 26-Jan-05 16:26:43

I am a childminder and I used to look after a little boy who is the same age as my ds. They were toilet trained at the same time so it was possible to compare them. Ds used to ( and still does) go little and often - sometimes just a teaspoonful. My mindee just went once or twice in the whole day while he was with us but did loads. I don't think it matters as both boys were fine and drank the same amounts of water. Don't worry about it - sounds like she has a strong bladder

tomps Wed 26-Jan-05 23:14:24

thanks so much ladies, you're probably right. If I just make sure she's drinking as much as poss then she'll go when she needs to. Just out of interest, does anyone know what is recommended daily fluid intake for this kind of age ? I have no idea what's a lot or a little, but her wee is pretty strong so I'm sure she's not really drinking enough at the mo. Thanks in advance if anyone knows.

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