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Recurrent Boils. Any one else had the pleasure?

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wanda Tue 25-Jan-05 20:31:50

Since giving birth in September I have been plagued with horrible boils, about 10 in total. Mostly on my tum but also on my legs and bum. Nice eh? My GP is unconcerned despite the fact that hubby has also had one and now my beautiful four month old has three tiny ones on his tum. GP says its just a particularly virulant strain of a skin bug that we all carry. We have all had antibiotics but I can't seem to shift the bug. I'm starting to get really really fed up. Any one else had this problem? I feel I should put a big cross on the front door. Unclean!!

pinotgrigio Wed 26-Jan-05 14:10:55

Yes, I've had this too. I picked mine up after a stint in hospital after I had my appendix out. My GP said it was a staph infection. I've had 5 courses of antibiotics and still haven't shifted it. When I had DD I was absolutely petrified of giving it to her. Mine hasn't cleared up after nearly 10 years, but is much better, I think probably since having DD I've been super-scrupulous about hand-washing and making sure that the infection isn't passed on. I also lost a lot of weight, which meant clothes weren't as tight - pressure on certain points always made them recur. I would really make the effort to get your GP to take you seriously, otherwise you'll just keep getting reinfected. Good Luck!

wanda Wed 26-Jan-05 14:32:06

Thanks Pinotgrigio. I'm sort of glad I'm not alone but wouldn't wish this on anyone. I suspect I picked this up in hospital too, I had a section and was probably susceptible to things like this. I can't believe that you have suffered for ten years. The thought just makes me desperate. Am doing my absolute best on the hygiene front, house stinks of Dettol and TCP. Feel really guilty about passing it to DS. I feel really grubby and its a total passion killer!! Am dieting and stepping up the excercise as well. I find it hard to believe that we can do such medical wonders but we can't sort this out. Hope yours stay under control.

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