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Bed wetting in adults

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MissRedFace Mon 16-Jun-08 14:08:39

I have changed my name for this for obvious reasons, please don't think I'm a troll as it has taken alot for me to actually post this at it is. I'm just hoping someone will have some insight.

Basically a few months ago I began having strange dreams about toilets, basically that I was using one and then in my sleep I would actually urinate before waking up quickly and realising what had happened.

It wasn't every night but quite often. I was never a bed wetter as a child so I suppose I was even more mortified as this had never happened to me before.

After a few incidents I stopped having anything to drink after 7pm and went to the toilet every night before bed. It helped a little bit but the dreams and concequences still happened.

Anyway as quickly as it started, it stopped. No more odd dreams and nothing else. All of this was months ago now (last year, maybe year before.

Last night however I was so tired I got into bed and THEN realised I hadn't been to the toilet. The bathroom is downstairs, I was cold, tired and didn't even need to go so I decided to wait until the morning. As I drifted off to sleep I began to remember about the toilet dreams and what used to happen when I had them but I put them out of my mind and dozed off.

Needless to say, during the night I had the wierdest dream about being on the toilet (where everything I'd eaten that day was in the urine too) and I woke up quickly realising it had happened again sad.

What on earth is wrong with me? I'm 29 years old, not stressed or depressed about anything...I'm really starting to worry about it. Luckily at the moment I'm single so nobody else needs to know but what about in the future if I get with someone? who's going to want a woman that wets the bed?

Has anyone ever known anything like this before? Is it psycological?

misselizabethbennett Mon 16-Jun-08 14:11:55

I've not heard of this coming on in adults, but I wet the bed until my early teens, and I well remember this feeling of dreaming and weeing.

I think you need to pluck up the courage to visit your GP for advice. I promise you won't be the first person who has visited with this problem.

Good luck smile

objectivity Mon 16-Jun-08 14:12:59

On the very rare occasion that I have wet myself as an adult/teenageer, I have dreamed exactly the same...that I'm on the toilet. It's only happened about 2 maybe 3 times and spanning the last 18 years but it has happened in exactly the same way as you. Ididn't have quite the same vividness of dream though.

I also dream about drinking pints of water when thirsty.

I don't know the reason behind it or whether it is stress related or not but just wanted to let you know you're not alone.

YeahBut Mon 16-Jun-08 14:13:48

I think it would be worth a visit to the GP to rule out a urinary tract infection.

plethora Fri 20-Jun-08 10:11:22

I've had the same thing every so often - dreams about going to the loo, then waking up (usually just in time). Don't know whether it might be worth trying to have lucid dreams - thinking about the dreams in daytime and thinking 'At this point next time I will wake up'?

solo Fri 20-Jun-08 10:19:02

My exMIL#1 did this once as I recall. She said she was dreaming about her daughters new house and that she was using the toilet(always an issue-knowing where the loo was). She woke up to find she'd wet the bed too...

Do you think last night was because you had been conscious of the fact you hadn't been before bed and then started to think about the toilet dreams before was the last thing on your mind, so sloped into your subconscious, ending in the urination?

louii Fri 20-Jun-08 10:29:05

This has happened to me about 5 times over the years, last time a few months ago, very vivid dream that I had got up went to the toilet and I woke up just as I had started to wee.

Took me a few mins to realise what was going on.

Don't know why it happens, but now I have been thinking about it again posting here it will prob happen tonite!

colly79 Tue 15-Jul-08 14:00:55

This has happened to me very recetly too so you are definetly not alone. I was having a bizare dream and ten i suddenly needed the loo and woke to find i had wet the bed. I think the mind plays tricks if we are over tired and that is all it is. Its hard not to feel ashamed but it soon passes. I tink I will be heeding advice and trying to not to drink too late at night in furure, or always set an alarm as they day I did this I was sleeping in till 10. I have had very strange dreams all week.

colly79 Tue 15-Jul-08 14:01:38

I forgot to metion i was dreaming of being on the loo

laidbackinengland Tue 15-Jul-08 14:10:24

Sometimes adult bedwetting can be linked to a sleep disorder like sleep apnoea. It is worth getting it checked out by the GP.

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