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another question about periods

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Beansmum Tue 25-Jan-05 11:51:13

I know this is on here somewhere but my computer is sooooo slow today, cant search properly.

Is it normal to get your periods back before you stop breastfeeding? I feel all pre menstrual today if you know what mean.

HappyMumof2 Tue 25-Jan-05 12:22:35

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Tue 25-Jan-05 12:23:49

mine did beansmum

i fed dd1 for 6 mths and i get my periods back after 3 mths

LIZS Tue 25-Jan-05 12:24:23

'Fraid so. Got one at 6 weeks, 8/9 weeks and then 5 months pp with ds. Regular after that but bf until he was about16 months old.

PicadillyCircus Tue 25-Jan-05 12:26:51

I think anything is normal.

For me, I had stopped bf completely before they came back. Another person I know had periods from 4 weeks after the birth (and she was bf exclusively).

Beansmum Tue 25-Jan-05 12:28:36

ds is 8 months and only feeds morning, afternoon and bedtime now so I suppose my hormones will have changed. great. I can't wait. OMG I'm so grumpy today! And sore boobs and headachey. I wish I was pg and could have another year off periods.

bundle Tue 25-Jan-05 12:29:36

i got mine back at 9 months both times, even though i was still breastfeeding (exclusively for 5 or 6 mths)

nailpolish Tue 25-Jan-05 12:31:23

periods are a total nuisance. i cant believe the price of tampax, to be honest, they have become v dear since i last had one (last jan!)

its probably cheaper to have another baby!

Socci Tue 25-Jan-05 12:31:52

Message withdrawn

Socci Tue 25-Jan-05 12:32:52

Message withdrawn

yoyo Tue 25-Jan-05 12:34:21

Mine returned after 3 months with DD1, 9 months with DD2 and 3 months with DS. Mixed fed DD1 but the others were exclusively breastfed.

Everyone is very different with this one. A friend didn't have a period for 4 years after conceiving 2 children and then breastfeeding. How I envied her!

Beansmum Tue 25-Jan-05 12:41:16

nailpolish - I'd totally forgotten that I'll have to buy tampax! Will get my credit card ready.

babyfettle Tue 25-Jan-05 13:40:37

Mine came back when DD was nearly 5 months. I had started to wean her (I know earlier than recommended, but she was waking 4 times a night starving). She refused a bottle until she was 8 months, so I was still feeding her myself (still am, but only once a day now and she is 10 months - very proud!). I only used to have my periods every 8-12 weeks before I was pregnant, now they are every 28 days like clockwork!

Can't believe I spent all those trips to the doctors to find out why I only had 4 periods a year, when I'm on course for 13 this year! Need to get pregnant again quickly - shame DH is at work! But at least he is earning to pay for the Tampax!

Socci Wed 18-May-05 20:57:11

Message withdrawn

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