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I can hear my heart pumping in my ear

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poppy90 Sun 15-Jun-08 01:35:29

It started a few days ago when I was going to bed, I kept thinking I could hear banging until I realised it was in my ear! It's rythmical in time with my pulse. I do get tinnitus, but its not that. Any ideas.... please! TIA

Cosmo74 Sun 15-Jun-08 01:37:07

Are you stressed - maybe palpitations! have you tried to regulate your breathing - deep breaths in and long slow breaths out.?

poppy90 Sun 15-Jun-08 01:48:30

no my breathing is fine. not particularly stressed???

Cosmo74 Sun 15-Jun-08 01:52:00

Not particularly stressed are you worried about something but are keeping it in?

Have you tried pacing - if that helps it could be panic attack syndrome. Try taking your mind away and thinking of happy place - put on some headphones and listen to some music - try to relax. Hope this helps.

Whatever you do - DO NOT goggle it!!!! It is never that bad!

kokeshi Sun 15-Jun-08 02:08:26

Sounds like pulsatile tinnitus.

See here for info

Cosmo74 Sun 15-Jun-08 02:18:17

DO NOT GOGGLE IT - give you the worse scenario! Just try to relax and do not think about it - I know this is hard - but try doing something you really enjoy = watching movies, reading book or talking on here - should take your mind away from it - Are you usually up this time of night or are you only up cause you are worried?

Pheebe Sun 15-Jun-08 08:44:35

Pulsatile tinnitus!!! I have it to. You should go see your GP and get a referral an ENT who'll be able to rule out anything fixable, otherwise look on the British Tinnitus Society for ways to cope with it as its definitely not as easy as just 'ignroing it'. Mines quite bad but after 3 years I've come to see it as my 'head noise' and mostly I can cope with it. Also I only have it in one ear

Agree don't google it, I did and scared myself witless. For most peeps there's no obvious/serious cause but its best to get it ruled out smile

poppy90 Sun 15-Jun-08 12:47:29

Well thanks everyone! Sounds like that's what it is then!! I'm not usually up that late but DH was away so never sleep well, and obviously it was worrying me as it was louder & semed to go on for longer that usual! Nothing this morning hmm but will check with GP.

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