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recurring thrush, at wits end

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itchy Sat 22-Jan-05 20:04:01

I am getting thrush every time I ovulate, or every time my dp and I have sex, even if he uses a condom. It is beginning to destroy our sex life. what can I do about it? What can the gp do?

Laylasmum Sat 22-Jan-05 20:05:47

has your dp treated himself? if not hes passing the infection back to you/ theres not alot that can be done some women are very prone to thrush. have you ever had swabs done to check it is thrush?

WigWamBam Sat 22-Jan-05 20:06:54

Are you being treated for it? Is dp being treated for it? It's really easy for thrush to pass backwards and forwards between you.

You can get Diflucan One or Canesten Once over the counter, but they're expensive - the GP can prescribe them if you don't want to pay full whack. Get some Canesten 1% cream for dp to use on his willy as well.

Cutting out sugar and yeast for a couple of months around the time you usually suffer can help too.

itchy Sat 22-Jan-05 20:07:45

he has treated himself with cream. but even if we use a condom it comes back the next day or the day after.

no swab, will go to gp next week. Its really getting us both down.

Laylasmum Sat 22-Jan-05 20:09:00

its probably worth getting swabbed to make sure theres no co-existing infection up there that making thrush recurr!!

WigWamBam Sat 22-Jan-05 20:10:02

Is it possible that it's not thrush at all? There is a condition called Vulval Vestibulitis, which makes you really, really sore and itchy, makes sex uncomfortable or painful, and which is often mistaken for thrush.

Laylasmum Sat 22-Jan-05 20:11:13

was just going to post that myself wwb!!

itchy Sat 22-Jan-05 20:11:44

it comes and goes though, its not itchy all the time, for instance this month I ovulated yesterday (get pain so I know) and we happened to have sex, today I have familiar itchy burny sensastion. Sex not really painful although sometimes a bit uncomfortable

HappyMumof2 Sat 22-Jan-05 20:12:00

Message withdrawn

itchy Sat 22-Jan-05 20:13:20

in a way I hope I have got that (Bv) as at least its treatable I hope.

WigWamBam Sat 22-Jan-05 20:13:34

Do you always use a condom? You could be allergic or sensitive to the latex in them if so.

itchy Sat 22-Jan-05 20:15:19

we do always use condoms, but the expensive ones that arent made of the usual stuff (sorry cant remember what they are called ) and I dont think they are latex

Laylasmum Sat 22-Jan-05 20:16:05

for info durex avanti are latex free

itchy Sat 22-Jan-05 20:16:49

yes, those ones, avanti

HappyMumof2 Sat 22-Jan-05 20:22:07

Message withdrawn

Aero Sat 22-Jan-05 20:33:32

I find acidophilus capsules helpful at keeping thush at bay once it's been treated - I have been known to suffer recurrent bouts and it's very annoying and depressing when it keeps returning. In the end I had to buy treatments for myself and dh to make sure we were both clear. I bought a fluconozole (I think) tablet from a small chemist, not a branded one so it was cheaper. I also had to tell them it was for me as another chemist refused to sell me one for dh even though the doctor suggested it! (I bought the treatments in separate pharmacys btw). I have had it occasionally since then (must be prone to it), but not recurring every few weeks, so much easier to deal with now.

dinny Sat 22-Jan-05 20:59:22

I had this for ages after I had a coil in - in-between dd's birth and getting pregnanct with ds. now, after ds's birth, it seems (please!) to have gone.

HappyMumof2 Sat 22-Jan-05 21:01:04

Message withdrawn

ionesmum Sat 22-Jan-05 21:11:52

I thought I had recurring thrush after dd1's birth but it turned out to be BV. Make sure that you ask your g.p. to do a general test, not just test for thrush, as this wasn't done with me the first time and it was missed.

If thrush is confirmed, you could try an anti-candida diet. This needs to be done with a specialist as it's very restricted.

Meid Sat 22-Jan-05 21:31:07

Obviously I don't want to panic you but it can be a sign of cervical cancer. I know someone who had thrush that she just couldn't shift for about 6 months before cancer was diagnosed. Have you spoken to your doctor about it?

dinny Sat 22-Jan-05 21:46:33

But is that a medically proven link between the two, Meid or a coincidence? I haven't a clue but it is quite a scary statement to make if it isn't a recognised link.

lockets Sat 22-Jan-05 21:48:29

Message withdrawn

Meid Sat 22-Jan-05 21:49:52

Her doctor treated her for thrush for about six months. Various pessaries and antibiotics. Eventually sent her to a specialist who diagnosed the cancer. She was told that persistant thrush can be a symptom.
I agree, it was quite a scary statement for me to make and likewise she could have been an unusual case but I'd rather speak up and suggest a doctors visit fot 'itchy' than keep it to myself.

dinny Sat 22-Jan-05 21:50:28

which two? thrush and cervical cancer? dunno. thrush and coil? was for me.

HappyMumof2 Sat 22-Jan-05 21:52:11

Message withdrawn

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