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Do you wear a bra in bed?

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jampots Sat 22-Jan-05 14:16:33

obviously following on from the other bra thread.....

i dont

Hulababy Sat 22-Jan-05 14:20:50

No. Don't wear any underwear in bed.

Gwenick Sat 22-Jan-05 14:21:26

Posted on the other thread - but yes I do.

Gobbledigook Sat 22-Jan-05 14:27:29


Frizbe Sat 22-Jan-05 14:27:45


Gobbledigook Sat 22-Jan-05 14:27:57

Oh actually, only if part of a 'get up' for a, ahem, purpose

spacedonkey Sat 22-Jan-05 14:29:27

ditto gobbledigook

KateandtheGirls Sat 22-Jan-05 14:29:44

no way

nerdgirl Sat 22-Jan-05 14:30:36

Yup. Big boobs. Need support.

PicadillyCircus Sat 22-Jan-05 14:30:43

I don't wear any underwear in bed.

KateandtheGirls Sat 22-Jan-05 14:34:55

PC and Hulababy, is that because you don't wear anything in bed?

Gobbledigook Sat 22-Jan-05 14:36:46

SD - we can't be the only two!!

PicadillyCircus Sat 22-Jan-05 14:37:21

I waer either pyjamas or a nighty (unless it's very hot or I've fallen asleep after certain activities )

PicadillyCircus Sat 22-Jan-05 14:38:00

What about you KATG?

KateandtheGirls Sat 22-Jan-05 14:39:05

I used to sleep nude when I was married.

These days I wear pyjamas, but I would feel weird not wearing knickers under them.

Blackduck Sat 22-Jan-05 14:40:42

no - did when pg, but just for the support....

sallystrawberry Sat 22-Jan-05 15:35:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BadHair Sat 22-Jan-05 15:40:46

No bra but do wear pants.

cupcakes Sat 22-Jan-05 15:41:58

Only in the early days of breastfeeding when needed to keep the breast pads in place!

pickledonion Sat 22-Jan-05 15:43:36

nope no bra in bed -even selotaped breast pads to me after i'd had dd

ediemay Sat 22-Jan-05 15:48:26

I don't but wish I had - my friend is older than me, always wears bra to bed and they are still pointing up & out while mine are starting to droop - oh the shame - am considering headstands!

galaxy Sat 22-Jan-05 16:14:09

No - don't wear anything in bed unless I'm away on business in a hotel by myself

fisil Sat 22-Jan-05 16:16:45

when I'm pg I have no choice (well, I suppose I could opt for even less sleep and huge bruises hanging round my neck all day - but I don't fancy that)

winnie Sat 22-Jan-05 16:20:02


HappyMumof2 Sat 22-Jan-05 20:23:34

Message withdrawn

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