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My head!!

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AngieL Thu 09-Jan-03 18:09:11

Sorry if this is a totally inappropriate topic but can anyone help?

I've got a blinding headache, I haven't got any pain killers (other than calpol) in the house. Dh is bringing tablets home but won't be here for a couple of hours. What else could I try? calpol?


batey Thu 09-Jan-03 18:37:41

Drink plenty of water, headaches can often be made worse by lack of fluids. Hope it improves.

CP Thu 09-Jan-03 18:39:42

Yup - loads of water and a little food if you can stand it. Hope it gets better soon.

GeorginaA Thu 09-Jan-03 19:18:43

Yes I've always found water to help if I can stomach it. Lie down in a darkened room with a cool washcloth over your eyes can sometimes help too, and stop looking at the computer screen as I often find that makes them worse!!

Where does your head hurt most? If around the eyes you can sometimes massage the sockets with your thumbs to get a bit of relief, ditto if it's around the temples.

In fact if I've got a really painful headache I often daren't take painkillers in case I throw them straight up. So often use these techniques to get it slighty better so I can then take the painkillers!!!

Hope you feel better soon.

ann22 Thu 09-Jan-03 20:21:03

Camomile tea, if you can stomach it!

candy Thu 09-Jan-03 21:14:37

A warm bath with lavender oil and more lavender oil (you can use it neat) to massage into the temples. Even a warm bath without the oil can help. I also find (and this may be entirely a placebo effect) that a cup of earl grey is good for a headache!

aloha Thu 09-Jan-03 21:38:28

A cup of tea is often effective for a very good scientific reason I can't remember.

suedonim Fri 10-Jan-03 04:02:29

Hopefully you're feeling better now, Angiel, but you could indeed take Calpol. You'd need to take enough spoons to make up to 1000mg of paracetamol, though - quite a long drink, I suspect!

As well as all the helpful tips here, another is to gently massage the fleshy area between your thumb and first finger, that 'V' shaped bit. If you feel around you'll discover a slightly tender area and that's the place to massge. There's a similar but less handy spot on the outside of your leg, below knee level. They're acupressure points.

A warm lavender-scented wheat bag can help if it is wrapped round a tense knotted neck, too. (Make a Blue Peter version by putting uncooked rice into an old sock, ether tying a knot at the top or close it with a hair scrunchie or elastic band.) HTH

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