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Inguinal Hernia in a 4 month old - experiences?

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Spritedaddy Fri 21-Jan-05 17:20:24

Hi all,

My first post here. Our son has an Inguinal Hernia which is being op'd on next Wednesday. We're obviously worried, mainly about the anesthetic, but have been assured it's all very straight forward. I've read one thread from a year ago re this. Does anyone else have experience/advice on this kind of op in one so young? Mind you he's a big healthy boy - well outside the top height percentile!....on that note, just for fun....does anyone know the record length for a baby at birth?

singsong Mon 24-Jan-05 16:08:53

Welcome Spritedaddy
No experience with this operation in a baby but have known adults to have this op and have recovered quickly.

Ameriscot2005 Mon 24-Jan-05 16:30:10

My DS1 had a double inguinal hernia with undescended testes. We saw the surgeon when he was about 3 months old, but he told us to wait until he was over 2 before operating (obviously he didn't feel there was a risk of strangulation, or whatever).

The operation itself was done as a day case (it was private; I imagine they'd keep you in in the NHS - certainly for a baby). He had a cut across his abdomen, similar to a c-section cut, and a couple of stitches in each testicle where they anchored his balls in place.

Don't know if our anaesthetic experience is useful, but I do remember going with him into the anaesthetic room until he was under. The op itself took about half and hour, IIRC.

Spritedaddy Thu 27-Jan-05 12:07:20

Hi, thanks for the stories. Well, it wasn't half as bad as we thought in the end. We don't ever use a dummy, but got one for yesterday...and what a godsend that was! Definitely coming on the plane with us to America next month!

Ameriscot2005 - sounds strange....Jacob was put down as an urgent case...even though there had been no sign of the hernia since he was 6 weeks. And your son had a c-section cut?! Not exactly keyhole then? Where abouts did you get this done, if you don't mind me asking?

Anyway, he was back with us within the hour and has recovered very quickly indeed! Slightly comic moment after we'd taken him down to the anaesthetic room, we went for a bite to eat....I was queing for a coffee, turned around and the surgeon was in the que behind me.....I did a double take and said...umm....aren't you supposed to be in theatre?!......oh, has he gone down he said...classic! Didn't fill us with confidence, but in the end he did a good job and we were very pleased with our treatment.

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