Has anyone been told that they have high platelets? what happens next?

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pinkdolly Thu 05-Jun-08 13:16:34

Basically I went to have a blood test to my hair faling out. They thought it might be underactive thyroid. This came back normal but I was then told that I have a high platelet count. I dont as yet know how high, I am to have another blood test next week.

If this comes back also high what is the next step. Also are there any symptoms involved with high platelets.

Other then the hair loss, I have been experiencing muscle pains, tiredness (tho I have 3 children under 6, who wouldn't be experiencing tiredness), headaches. And I notice that I get tired more easily when I'm out walking. Of course I know these may be completely unrelated.

All the infoo you have on this would be greatfully recieved. Thank you

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Jennypog Thu 05-Jun-08 14:29:31


I have high platelets but apparently it isn't very common - I have a condition called Essential Thrombocythaemia and have had it since at least 2003. I have no symptoms and just take a baby aspirin everyday.

Take my advice don't worry about it and don't do a google and get all panicky! There are some support boards that I can tell you about if you want them, but have your second blood test first, you never know it may have gone down again.

You can have high platelets from infection, inflammation and also from cancer and this is why I am saying don't do a google because it is very worrying. You can get high platelets from things like arthritis or other inflammatory diseases (like crohns), so may be you have this? Just don't worry about it, as I have been happily living my life for the past 5 years without any problems at all.

Jennypog Thu 05-Jun-08 14:30:12

Oh, also, how high is high? Mine are around the 600 mark.

scaryteacher Thu 05-Jun-08 14:43:05

I am so jealous as I have too few platelets, called immune thrombocytopaenia - my blood doesn't clot properly, presumably yours clots a little too much.

I've has this since 1995 (pregnancy related)and it doesn't affect me too much - I just have to have regular blood tests and get on with life. Don't google the US sites about platelets as I scared myself by looking at them one day.

Normal platelet range is 150-450; mine hover around 60/80, sometimes as low as 37. I bet you guys don't take two hours to stop bleeding when you cut your legs shaving!!

Jennypog Thu 05-Jun-08 14:47:41

Oh you poor thing - thrombocytopaenia sounds awful.

I have blood tests every 4 months (used to be every 3 months, but I have changed it as it was a nuisance). The doctors don't really know what to say to me, as it is just a check up really.

I do have bleeding issues though, but I think it is because I take aspirin - I bruise badly and I 'bleed like a pig' (to use my husband's delightful analogy).

pinkdolly Thu 05-Jun-08 14:51:07

Hello, I rang throught to the surgery and found that my platlets are 535. Everything else is normal.

The reason for the blood test is that I have been lossing my hair like mad. No bald patches but used to have really thick hair, now noticibly thinner. Also I get tired easier and have muscle pains.

I suffered a m/c in early january do you think this could have anything to do with it. Have also just got over flu and a chest infection about 2 weeks ago, can this cause high platelets?

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Jennypog Thu 05-Jun-08 14:56:41

Quite probably!! Dont' worry about it and just see what happens when you go back. 535 is an enviably low figure as there are some with 1,500 or even 2,000.

Try not to think about it for now and just see what happens.

Good luck!!


pinkdolly Thu 05-Jun-08 15:05:09

Thank you, it's the hair loss i'm most worried about to be honest. Just want to know whats causing it really. Will try and patiently await my blood test next week.

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PinkPussyCat Thu 05-Jun-08 15:08:36

Hi Pinkdolly, can't help re the platelets but just wanted to say that after my two pregnancies (one m/c and one healthy ds) my hair fell out quite badly up until around the 6 month mark. It is something to do with your 'normal' amount of hair loss stopping during pregnancy, then it all decides to depart at once with the withdrawal of the hormones.

Obv the platelets/tiredness and aching muscles need to be taken into account too... Hope all turns out well for you.smile

pinkdolly Thu 05-Jun-08 15:15:23

Thanx pussycat- My hair fell out with my other 3 pgs, but I suppose I thought that becasue I was only pg for 3 months that I wouldn't loss so much this time. In fact I have lost a lot more than with the other pg's which is why i'm concerned.

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PinkPussyCat Fri 06-Jun-08 10:17:04

I felt the hair loss was worse after my mc than after ds was born, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it! Darn hormones eh? Hope all settles soon.

Tiggiwinkle Fri 06-Jun-08 10:22:09

I have low platelets like scaryteacher. Mine also came to light during pregancy but are in my case due to my having Hughes Syndrome. (Also known as antiphospholipid syndrome).

beautifulgirls Sat 07-Jun-08 20:27:59

My father has a condition where his bone marrow produces too many platelets - in his case it was only diagnosed after a mild heart attack probably in part contributed to by a blood clot brought on by the high platelet numbers. He was monitored for a while and the numbers did not naturally fall - sometimes they can self settle apparently. Anyway, when they didn't he had a bone marrow biopsy done and this revealed the cause. He now takes tablets every day to supress the production to a degree and has regular blood tests to monitor his levels and adjust meds accordingly. He has had these for a few years now and is doing great. He also takes aspirin daily and I think something else to reduce blood clotting tendancies, but I am not entirely sure what that is.
Dad is missing hair too....male pattern baldness though in his case wink!

iggylover Tue 17-Jun-08 16:40:05

Hello! I too have a high platelet count and it seems to be going up everytime i get blood work done.. a few weeks ago i went and it was 566, a week later it was 606, I do have a growth on my right kidney that aslo seems to be growing so doctors are talking about removing the kidney and hopes that will bring down my platelet count, --my question is, could a growth be making platelet count high and could this growth be cancer and if cancer could this be making platelet high.. I also have other issue, I have hypercalcemia,mctd.. my rbc is always low b-12 is always low, bun is low,gap low--I have high mch,platelet,alt,calcium ionized, calcium,RNP,fibrinogen and ch50 I also have a positive ANA and have for 4 yrs.. Thank you for your help.. oh one more thing they did find a cyst on my ovary (?) and some a good amount of fluid in my ovaries just hanging around..been this way for a few months. I can no longer have kids and it has been this way for 16yrs.

lelole Mon 13-Oct-08 10:11:19

OP (PINK DOLLY): You have all of the signs of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), hair loss, muscle pains, tiredness, and headaches, in fact they are classic symptoms. Is your skin very dry? Do you sometimes feel as if you have a "brain fog?", do you feel depressed or anxious?

There is currently a lot of controversy about the way the doctors in this country diagnose hypothyroidism. The thing they measure (TSH) can be an unreliable way of telling if someone is hypothyroid, and also in the UK the "normal" range that they use is nearly twice that in the US and Germany. So many people are suffering in the UK but not being diagnosed by their GPs, bhut would have been treated in other countries.

Hypothyroidism affects all of the systems in your body, and so it can affect lots of things and you can have strange symptoms and signs of it. The other thing to note is that a common cause of high platelets is auto immune disease - and most people in the UK who have hypoT at a young age have the autoimmune version. These are also the people who tend to be diagnosed as normal by blood tests while experiencing symptoms.

If you suspect this is the case, then ask your GP to test for the antibodies.

One of the easiest ways to test yourself is to take your temperature first thing in the morning before getting up. Normal temp is 37c, if it is 36.8c or lower, then you possibly have hypothyroidism, if it it 36c or lower, then this is almost certain! This is most accurate during your period. The reason for this is hypothyroidism slows down your metabolism. You may also have undeserved(!) weight gain and slow resting heart rate.

I know all of this as I am a hypothyroid sufferer, and have had to learn lots about it, as my GP left me ill.

If you would like to know more, then feel free to PM me, or you could have a look at one fo the thyroid patient sites - google Thyroid patient advocacy.

Take Care

Leah x

multaney2 Sat 12-Dec-20 15:20:15

my platelets are 446 should I b worried

multaney2 Sat 12-Dec-20 15:20:51

platelets are 446 should I b worried?

Kiki7976 Wed 21-Jul-21 13:18:37

Hi everyone. I have had two routine blood tests with high platelets (4907 and 503). Truthfully worried sick. The rest of my bloods were fine apparently.

Kiki7976 Wed 21-Jul-21 13:26:14

Oops. 497 and 503 lol

PurplePumpkinDream Thu 22-Jul-21 11:58:13

@Kiki7976 Usually if they are over 500 for 6 months or more you’ll be referred to a Haematologist, if under they’ll possibly keep an eye on it. Having said that I was told the first time mine were high was 10 years ago! Are you/have you recently been pregnant because that can cause temporary high platelets. Don’t worry too much about it as google will show you some worrying stuff as usual.

Kiki7976 Thu 22-Jul-21 12:32:08

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I just had my bloods done again an hour ago. I'm truthfully worried sick. So far all my blood is fine apart from these slightly elivated platelets. My kids are 12 and 8. I have dropped a lot of weight recently because of personal circumstances so doc thinks it might be iron deficiency. I'm praying it is.

Kiki7976 Thu 22-Jul-21 12:33:02

Google has definitely showed me worrying stuff. I agree.

PurplePumpkinDream Thu 22-Jul-21 12:55:33

Yes iron deficiency can cause it too. I hate dr Google as instead of reassuring you it’ll always show you the worst possible option!

Kiki7976 Thu 22-Jul-21 16:22:54

Completely agree. My doc has given me into trouble loads if times for doing it.

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