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babe's flat spot help!

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ruty Fri 21-Jan-05 13:24:18

has anyone's babe got a flat spot on their head? Mine's four months old and however much i turn him around at night he always sleeps on same side and i can't seem to correct the flat spot. Doc says don't worry, but in US they seem to do more about it. Does anyone know if it will get better as he gets older or does it stay like that?

janinlondon Fri 21-Jan-05 13:28:17

Sister's four month old has just had a course of Paediatric physio to correct exactly this problem. She's in Australia. Took about three weeks doing 15 mins exercise per day. Hope this helps?

Amanda3266 Fri 21-Jan-05 13:30:08

Hi Ruty,

Yes, honestly - you don't need to worry about this. Many babies get it because they have a particular side they like sleeping on. It will go over the next year as he starts to lie around less on it. Also as his brain grows it will push the skull bones out into a more normal shape.


ruty Fri 21-Jan-05 13:45:53

thanks you two, makes me feel a bit better. Haven't heard of the physio, will ask my doc but doubt she knows about it.

HandbagAddiction Fri 21-Jan-05 13:59:13

If you are worried - you could always seek out a cranial osteopath who might be able to help.

starlover Fri 21-Jan-05 14:24:08

my cousin had the flattest back of the head you could imagine. people used to comment on it when she was out!
but it did correct itself over time!

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