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Has anyone seen a psychologist??

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Carla Thu 20-Jan-05 14:28:56

My GP has recommended that I do, but quite apart from the fact that her hourly rate would feed an army for a week, I wonder what sort of stuff they dredge up? She said she uses behaviour cognative therapy, whatever that is!

Anyone with any knowledge/experience? Have to go and pick up dds now, but would really appreciate some advice and will log on when I get back.


helsi Thu 20-Jan-05 14:34:55

I was referred by my GP to the mental health nurse for my depression and anxiety. She used the BCT and I found it quite useful. It is a way of alternative thinking in order to calm yourelf down or see things differently by asking yourself and answering a number of questions when you feel the panic/stress etc. It also uses mathods of looking at your behavour to try and identify why you feel what you feel/behave the way you behave.

It didn't cost me anything as she was an NHS nurse so I don't see why you would have to pay unless you are a private patient.

Frieda Thu 20-Jan-05 14:53:31

As I understand it, CBT is not about dredging stuff out – that's analytical therapy. It's more about challenging the way you think about certain things and developing coping strategies to help with phobias, anxiety and depression. I believe it's usually short term (8, 12 or 16 weeks). I understand it's thought to have a very good success rate. You can get it on the nhs if your GP refers you, but there's often a long waiting list.

Carla Thu 20-Jan-05 16:10:12

Thanks for this. I'm not a private patient, but the list of people my GP gave me all had a minimum waiting time of 2 months, so I guess she felt the NHS waiting list would be too long. So, (and I'm just asking your opinion) would you give it a go if you were me?

bagpussmice Thu 20-Jan-05 20:24:00

I found a private "counsellor" who came recommended, and she teaches CBT. I had delayed post natal depression and have to date had 4 sessions and it's working really well. It's 35.00 per session but well worth it.

Jimjams Thu 20-Jan-05 21:27:39

I've heard good things about CBT.

happymerryberries Thu 20-Jan-05 21:32:47

CBT can be very helpful. I have two friends with ME who found CBT invaluable in the treatment of their symptoms. It is very practical and not all about blaming your probelms on Mummy IYSWIM

Socci Thu 20-Jan-05 21:33:14

Message withdrawn

Carla Fri 21-Jan-05 07:43:27

Thanks for all of this. HMB, you have put my mind at rest - blaming it on Mummy is exactly what I didn't want!!! (Not that I have anything at all to blame my mum for, she's wonderful!)

It does seem from what you say it might be worth a go. I'm on her waiting list so like I said have to wait a couple of months anyway.

Bagpuss, the person you're seeing seems incredibly inexpensive compared to the lady I'm going to see (£100 hr). Why should there be such a huge difference in the scale of fees, I wonder? Do you mind me asking what part of the country you're in? I wonder if that has something to do with it? GP recommended her and I don't think she would if she felt I was going to be ripped off, but it does seem like a big difference.


bagpussmice Fri 21-Jan-05 08:14:47

Carla - I am in Reading, Berkshire. I thought she was very reasonable too, as another I had been recommended was over 100.00! Where do you live?

Carla Fri 21-Jan-05 08:52:33

Oxford, Bagpuss, so not a million miles away from you.

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