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2 years old and still on formula. Is this wise?

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alwayssaythanku Thu 20-Jan-05 00:05:17

My son is almost two and had terrible excema for the first 3/4 of his life. I have tried goats milk, organic milk, everything but the only thing that dosent break him out now is his old organic formula. He gets regular food too of course. but for milk, i give him watered down formula. Anybody else doing this? Do you know if its ok?

biglips Thu 20-Jan-05 00:12:24

i dont really know much about the formula side of it but try soya milk as it wont go way completely but it will improves better as my cousin had got severe excema and her docs recommended soya milk so she cant have any other milk and its improves her skin in a great deal....

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