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How do you find a good cranial osteopath?

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AuntyQuated Wed 19-Jan-05 16:15:22

well that's it really.

need to try and get DS's glue ear sorted out before Feb 23rd (next hospital appointment)


beansprout Wed 19-Jan-05 16:16:05

Where are you?

AuntyQuated Wed 19-Jan-05 16:17:30

Bolton - N Manchester

beansprout Wed 19-Jan-05 16:21:14

Ah, sorry, am in London. Hopefully someone nearer to you will be along soon.

motherinferior Wed 19-Jan-05 16:24:33

Contact \link{ \the registering body}

motherinferior Wed 19-Jan-05 16:25:43

...the general osteopathic council

Potty1 Wed 19-Jan-05 16:26:04

General osteopathic council search thingy

Potty1 Wed 19-Jan-05 16:30:11


AuntyQuated Wed 19-Jan-05 16:32:49

thanks - will look now

Hausfrau Wed 19-Jan-05 20:13:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rosies Thu 20-Jan-05 08:47:56

if you are near the wirral, this is a good place... very good therapists.

i think they have clinics in other areas too. andrew is very knowledgable and i wish he was down south!!!

AuntyQuated Thu 20-Jan-05 09:36:35


that site is really good. altho' maybe we are alittle too far from them the articles about cra. ost. and glue ear are very informative; i'vre printed them off to show DH

have made an appointmenbt to see one of our GPs who is keen on homeopathy with the hope that he can point us in the direction of an osteopath

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