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1st day of Tupler Technique and I can see my Lady Garden!

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thequietone Wed 28-May-08 19:13:46

Hurrah! 13 weeks after the C-Section and I'd resigned myself to hiking up my belly from now on to see what's underneath. Got a book on the Tupler Technique, started the exercises today and I feel amazing! Just got to keep away from the cup cakes I made with DS1...
Anyone else had good results from this? Never heard of it before last week...

BoysAreLikeDogs Wed 28-May-08 19:14:31

Link, please smile

AdamAnt Wed 28-May-08 19:15:38

tell me tell me tell me

how does it work?

solo Wed 28-May-08 19:16:39

Yes, please tell...

MrsJonnyDepp Wed 28-May-08 19:17:35

TELL ME - Had 2 c-sections and need tummy help!

MrsJonnyDepp Wed 28-May-08 19:17:36

TELL ME - Had 2 c-sections and need tummy help!

MissingMyHeels Wed 28-May-08 19:17:59

Me too!

RubberDuck Wed 28-May-08 19:21:11

Tupler Technique description of the exercise here - though a bit amazed how it can be padded to a whole book!

No idea if it works, but I have a tummy button hernia for just the reason he describes, so I'll give it a go. Not sure I'll manage 5 sets of 100 a day though - maybe 3

solo Wed 28-May-08 19:30:50

I haven't had a CS, but I have a muffin, does that count? can it still help me?

InTheseShoes Wed 28-May-08 19:43:53

Blimey, I have just had a go at doing my first 100 (2 CS and a pretty rubbish tummy area before that anyway) and I can really feel that I've done something!! And I Mumsnetted and watched High School Musical 2 at the same time! Started Weightwatchers today, so with this and that, could be a size 10 by Sunday (not!!). Definitely worth a go IMHO!

brimfull Wed 28-May-08 19:58:02

so having read that-how do you get out if bed correctly?

solo Wed 28-May-08 23:58:37

pulling in the muscles as it tells you to I guess? drawing in the belly button toward the spine?

thequietone Thu 29-May-08 09:28:07

Sorry about that - I posted in delight then went to bed...The book explains in a fair bit of detail about the various muscles, gives a 15 minute and 30 minute workout and other tips for general day to day stuff, using the technique. I've not tried a workout yet as I can't find the time with the boys around, but simply drawing the belly button in has reaped huge benefits in one day.

It's like stomach crunches standing or sitting up, so I can do them all the time. I was even doing them pushing DS2 home from dropping DS1 at Kindergarten this morning!

The biggest thing I discovered was that standard stomach crunches, up and down or side to side was actually making the separation from the birth worse. I'd been doing loads of crunches side to side because DH thought it'd be good. I then began to wonder why my stomach was protruding more. Googled for C section stomach recovery and discovered why.

BTW, I am definitely NOT the lady who came up with these exercises! Just wanted to share with other post-birth ladies as I was so happy yesterday.

BumperliciousNeedsToSleep Thu 29-May-08 11:35:32

<watches thread>

littlelapin Thu 29-May-08 11:38:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BumperliciousNeedsToSleep Fri 30-May-08 07:47:27

Any progress?

WilfSell Fri 30-May-08 14:13:59

I have the book: the rest is padding since we all know how to exercise, surely.

but the tupler technique has some key exercises:

imagine your stomach like lift floors - where 1 is sticking out and 6 is the furthest in you can suck (or perhaps other way round can't remember)

You start by sucking in to position 3, count for 10 or 20, let out. You do this lots of times.

You also suck into to 5 for as long as you can.

And the other one is starting at 3 sucking into 5/6 slowly and letting back out slowly.

And basically you do these sitting up, then either standing or lying down (which are harder than sitting I think) many many times a day. I think you aim for about 100 of each 3-5 times a day. Eek. But tis true, does work quickly. Disappears equally quickly if you stop too...

RubberDuck Sat 31-May-08 09:52:20

Well, I've bought the book and tbh most of it is padding. Recommend people get it out the library tbh as most of it is a once read only (to get the gist of how the muscles work and how to hold them properly when doing some things) and then just write down the two paragraphs somewhere for the actual abdominal exercises and ignore the rest.

RubberDuck Sat 31-May-08 09:53:09

I think she's overly precious about which exercises you should never ever do too (she goes through all the common exercises like Pilates and says which ones are really terrible and evil).

Nagapie Sat 31-May-08 10:08:59

Is this before, after or during the required daily pelvic floor exercises grin?

RubberDuck Sat 31-May-08 10:10:24

Well quite - if you did everything you're supposed to only do for "a few minutes daily" you'd never leave your house!

RubberDuck Sat 31-May-08 10:12:35

Will stick with the core abdominal exercises though (well not 500 repetitions a day, ffs) because I have a small belly button hernia due to my split muscles - will let you know of my progress!

Dottydot Sat 31-May-08 10:12:59

oof - I'm trying it but am getting a pain at around about my right ovary?! 4 years after giving birth and I'm still sore! grin

ortal Sun 20-Jul-14 09:11:51

I've just realised I have this... Have tried to read up in it but nothing on line I can find describes the exercise ... The 'lose your mummy tummy ' book on amazon has very average reviews- any advice? TIA

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