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Has anyone declined grommits?

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AuntyQuated Wed 19-Jan-05 07:58:24

DS is due to have grommits next week and we really aren't sure for a few reasons; mainly the idea that we are choosing for him to have a gen.asth. when it isn't vital. plus the thing is they don't always work, fall out etc etc

medical staff are implying wee are being neglectful by not going ahead.
does anyone have any experience...plaese?

AuntyQuated Wed 19-Jan-05 09:10:35


Potty1 Wed 19-Jan-05 09:42:09

AQ - my ds1 & ds2 had grommits (also adenoids & tonsils out) Dd was to have it done too but we put it off and in the end it wasn't done at all. There were good reasons for not having it ( she has heart problems and there were issues aroound the GA and infection too) and we weren't made to feel bad about it.

How old is your ds? Are the grommits because of hearing loss, infection or both? Is his speech suffering? Is he taking any meds? It's a big decision to send a child for GA especially if you feel its un-necessary or that it might not work. For my ds's the decision was a right one, they were pretty poorly most of the time, but for dd it was right that she didn't have it and she has grown out of her ENT problems.

It's poor of the staff to imply that you're being neglectful - they should be addressing your concerns.

meysey Wed 19-Jan-05 09:43:13

we didn't actually decline, but weren't that keen when offered, and were allowed a few more months' observation...

have you tried cranial osteopathy? it worked for us, and the test results afterwards were so good that we got discharged from the ENT clinic

hope all goes well whatever you decide

hatmum Wed 19-Jan-05 10:32:59

We didn't decline; ds was v young when he had them (15 mo) and it was a miracle cure - would recommend.

AuntyQuated Wed 19-Jan-05 11:22:57


Ds has glue ear; has regular ear infections as in every 6-8 weeks, his speech isn't affected nor is his learning. teacher says she isn't aware of any problems and he says he hears everyhting in school as teacher uses a big voice.

we ahve tried Otovent which worked 100% over the summer months but couldn't keeo the extra fluid away that winter brings. he has just been one a 6 week course of antubiotics but hasn't had a hearing test since.
i will certainly look into cranial osteopathy. do you know how to go about finding a decent one?

we are going this afternonn to see the ward etc in readiness for next week. i have asked for a haering test (to see if antibiotics have worked) but now feel that until we ahve tried cranial osteopathy we haven't explored all other alternatives.

hopefully the hearing test will show an improvement and there will be little fluid cos at the minute his hearing seems fine altho' he complains that he can't hear the TV

has anyone had experience of them not working at all?

Slinky Wed 19-Jan-05 11:27:14

DD2 saw the Audiologist yesterday for hearing tests after being referred by the ENT Consultant.

It is very likely that she will be having grommits put in - BUT she is also having her tonsils/adenoids out anyway so will be having everything done under 1 GA.

AuntyQuated Wed 19-Jan-05 11:56:17

i'd recommend giving the Otovent a go slinky

northerner Wed 19-Jan-05 11:56:19

Hi my ds is 2.9 and he had grommits put in both ears last March. It seemed to do the trick, no more ear infections and no more weeping ears. However, we are now on ear infection number 3 of this year and 1 ear in particular is constantly weeping GP has given us an ear spray, we are back at ENT clinic in August, so I will ask for an earlier refferal I think.

But although he still has problems, it has mightily improved, and his hearing is much better and he is in general a much happier little boy.

FWIW I tried cranial osteopathy and it didn't work for my ds. But we did only do it 3 times but I wasn't convinced.

northerner Wed 19-Jan-05 11:56:43

What is otovent please?

AuntyQuated Wed 19-Jan-05 12:02:12

hi northerner

your Ds maybe too young for Otovent but

it is a little device that enables them to bloiw up a ballon with their nose!! by doing this it stretches the eustatian (sp?) tube allowing the fluid to flow more easily.
chldren normally grow out of glue ear and this is because as they grow physically the tube grows too, allowing the fluid to flow out of the inner ear, when the fluid can't get out it can cause infection and 'overflowing'.

Otovent is available without prescription but i would recommend talking to your GP about it.

it seems rather a long time to wait until August; here DS is seen every 2-3 months; i'd ring up and ask to be seen earlier

triceratops Wed 19-Jan-05 12:04:55

I had grommits when I was six. Glue ear is so painful and really stops you joining in with other children just when you want to. GA is obviously very scary but I would say that curing the glue ear is worth it.

My son has a large birth mark on his face which could be reduced with surgery but we have chosen to put this off because it is not painful and we too are scared of the GA.

Mo2 Wed 19-Jan-05 12:07:15

AQ - we declined grommits for the same reasons as you when DS1 was just 18 months, and he had glue ear.
We gave ourselves a 6 month window and it DID clear up. But, our decision was based on:
- he wasn't in frequent pain/ discomfort
- his speech did not appear to be affected

Some friends of ours also had good success with homeopathic treatments. Like you, I was keen to try other things first before the surgical route.

Slinky Wed 19-Jan-05 12:09:06

If DD2 wasn't having the tonsils/adenoids op. done then I think I would be reluctant to have the grommits put in TBH.

DD2 needs her tonsils/adenoids out for other reasons - not just her hearing problems.

AuntyQuated Wed 19-Jan-05 12:12:39

we leave the house in 20 mins and think i'm going to say "thanks but no thanks".
just talked to GP and the last time he had an ear infections was October.
the only time he complains of not hearing is when watching the TV

want to try cranial osty do-dah
will also try homeopathy

will let you know how we get on this afternoon

ThomCat Wed 19-Jan-05 12:46:07

My DD has Down's syndrome and has glue ear. She has hearing tests every 6 months. We see a wonderful consultant, very high up in his field and incredibly well respected by everyone I've ever spoken to him about, in & out of medical profession.

He does not believe in grommits and won't use them. I'm vey greatful for that.
glue ear can be helped by going to see a cranial osteopath btw.

TC x

Slinky Wed 19-Jan-05 12:52:54

I've just been doing a search on Grommets (to see if DD2 could still carry on swimming with them).

Interesting to read that about half of patients need further surgery to put in more grommets within 5 years (although this is less likely if adenoids are removed as well). DH doesn't want DD2 to have grommets put in.

I'll just wait to hear what the ENT consultant says (will be seeing him shortly to discuss the next stage). He did say that there were 2 other options available to treat Glue Ear - didn't go into details.

milge Wed 19-Jan-05 13:21:55

My ds(2.4) had grommets put in in Sept. It has been marvellous - he had 16 ear infections last winter and started his first course of anti biotics at less than 10 weeks old. he was at least 6 months behind with his speech, which has improved to way beyond his age.
We tried Cranial Osteopathy, which is working really well for dd(SN), and sorted out ds's colic at 8 weeks, but it did nothing for his glue ear. Homeopathy cured one ear infection,but didn't stop it recurring.
We didn't take the decision to have a GA lightly, but it has been the right one for DS.

AuntyQuated Wed 19-Jan-05 16:14:06

milge, if that was the case with our ds we wouldn't hesitate but he hasn't had an infection since Oct.

this afternoon he has fluid in both ears and his hearing is way down . initially only saw the pre-assessment nurse who said if we had ?s about the alternatives; saw a consultant but not our usual one who was obviously a firm believer in grommits. he said there was nothing else to try. he asked me to put my fingers over my ears and that is how DS can hear. BUT tbh i think he hears alot better than this - if we whisper he can hear.
he agreed in the end to postpone his op for 6-8 weeks and asked if i agreed that if there was no improvement next time we go (Feb 23rd) then go ahead with the grommits.

so i feel like i have until Feb 23rd to get homeopathy and cranial osteopathy sorted and working.

off to start a new thraed - how do you find a good cranial osteopath?

Slinky Wed 19-Jan-05 16:47:05


We should be seeing the ENT Consultant within the next 2 weeks I should think - so I will ask about the alternatives and let you know.

My ENT bloke said there were 3 alternatives - one was grommets, and I really can't remember the other 2 - I only recognised grommets and focused on that I think.

Slinky Wed 19-Jan-05 16:50:36

I'm just doing a quick search for "alternative treatment for Glue Ear" and I've found that removing adenoids is named as an Alternative for Grommets!

DD2 is having this done anyway, so maybe she won't need grommets?

AuntyQuated Fri 21-Jan-05 16:58:27

just been to GPs and he has given him some homeopathic pills and said the if he was his Ds he wouldn't agree to grommets (know how to spell it now )
still need to find a cranial osteopath

Slinky Wed 09-Feb-05 12:47:35

Just to add an Update...

Saw ENT Consultant on Friday - he's confirmed that in fact DD2 DOESN'T need grommits after all - the adenoid removal will be fine for this, plus he's planning to "hoover out" her ears whilst she's under the GA.

So, she's booked in for her tonsils/adenoids removing on Monday 21 February.

MISSHOTTIE Thu 30-Oct-08 21:15:33

quite worried my 6yr old son is going in on tuesday 2 hav grommits in and addenoids removed.heel be put 2 sleep first but feel really nervous about whole thing dont think we were given another option he had a nose spray that didnt work. he snores really bad,he has really bad hearing in right ear on the polygraph test machine ,but think the other ear is very strong, he has had his ear hovered few times this our only opption at this stage.

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