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What would you do about possible tooth causing pain?

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galaxy Tue 18-Jan-05 21:44:22

For 7 years I've suffered with acute facial pain originating from above one of my molars. It had been root-filled once before and then again in January last year (at a cost of £750) but that didn't solve the problem.

Have been seeing a Maxillo Facial surgeon over the past 8 months who's tried putting me on a nightly tablet and also prescribed strong pain relief. Thought it may be hormonal so also recommended I go onto 28 day pill which I have.

Not got any better though so today was basically told that I was faced with the choice of putting up with it for the rest of my life or having the tooth extracted. I wouldn't be able to have a bridge for 6 months after though. I've tried smiling in fron of the mirror this evening to see if it'llshow if I have it taken out but don't want a false tooth at the age of 37.

The tooth may not be the root cause though and I may end up having it extracted and still have the pain after.

Yorkiegirl Tue 18-Jan-05 21:48:18

Message withdrawn

jasper Tue 18-Jan-05 21:51:46

blinking obvious question but how certain are you that the pain is coming from the tooth? is the tooth sore to tap?

starlover Tue 18-Jan-05 21:55:39

I'd have it taken out. 7 years of pain??? It isn't worth it for one tooth... you say it's over a molar, so presumably it's around the side of your mouth so it shouldn't notice too much.
Wouldn't you rather have a false tooth than be in constant pain and on drugs?

doobydoo Tue 18-Jan-05 22:08:51

Have it out!Have em all out!I dream of having perfect teeth and would not care if my whole mouth was full of em and i am 35.Actors teeth aren't real half the time.

galaxy Wed 19-Jan-05 08:31:16

Jasper - I'm not sure and the MF surgeon isn't either. It's not sore to tap. The pain seems to originate from the area above the tooth and has officially been diagnosed as Acute Facial Pain or neuralgia. The drugs they've given me haven't had any effect though and they reviewed the x-rays I had after the root-canal treatment last January. They now don't think it was a perfect job (cost me £750 with an endontrist sp?) who apparently is the top in his field.

They don't think anyone will be prepared to redo the root treatment and think it may be related to the nerves so having the tooth out should resolve it. I did break this tooth years and years ago and the dentist gave me an injection, hit the nerve and left me screaming in agony. May be connected - I don't know?

I suppose it's a last resort. I worked it out after I posted last night and it's actually 9 years I've been going through this.

ks Wed 19-Jan-05 08:51:21

Message withdrawn

galaxy Wed 19-Jan-05 08:52:43

I had the first treatment in December 2003 and a follow up in January 2004 ks.

ks Wed 19-Jan-05 08:55:26

Message withdrawn

galaxy Wed 19-Jan-05 08:58:07

If you have the email with UK after my surname, that's still valid (for now)!

I had it done in Fleet ks.

ks Wed 19-Jan-05 09:12:45

Message withdrawn

galaxy Wed 19-Jan-05 09:13:45

I am a little intrigued!

ks Wed 19-Jan-05 09:16:12

Message withdrawn

galaxy Wed 19-Jan-05 09:27:24

No, I'm not on MSN - dh wont let it on our pc after it was the cause of a virus at his work-place. Anyway, I'd never get anything done then!

ks Wed 19-Jan-05 09:30:46

Message withdrawn

galaxy Wed 19-Jan-05 09:32:35


galaxy Wed 19-Jan-05 09:33:42

Yep! Will drop you a reply now - thanks.

galaxy Wed 19-Jan-05 09:44:47


ks Wed 19-Jan-05 09:47:47

Message withdrawn

galaxy Wed 19-Jan-05 09:50:58

I'm supposed to be working and submitting annual budgets so I must get off here!!!

galaxy Wed 19-Jan-05 12:05:20

bumping this in the hope that jasper may have a comment to make

galaxy Wed 19-Jan-05 14:38:21

bumping again

tendertopercussion Wed 19-Jan-05 14:47:35

Message withdrawn

galaxy Wed 19-Jan-05 14:52:04

Do you really think so tendertopercussion/ I'm glad you have such confidence in me. I think this site is great. From legal advice to home dentistry.

What more could a girl ask for?


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