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lactulose, how long does it take to work???

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alibo Tue 18-Jan-05 09:55:30

have to give ds, 11 mths a dose of lactulose now and again, but am never sure of the best time to give it, and when it starts to have an effect. last 2 days he has been very fussy about drinking his water, and so has struggled this morning to pass a few pebbles!! though, he has plenty of fruit and veg. any general tips on constipation welcome !!

IloveMarmite Tue 18-Jan-05 09:57:37

My dd1 has lactulose occasionally, I give about 3/4 doses so that things ease up and then stop. You are right about the water, it's really helpful. Eat brown bread etc and avoid bananas and eggs as they seem to bind them up.

alibo Tue 18-Jan-05 10:03:49

dose on bottle for under 1, says 2.5ml, is it best to give am or pm??

cads Tue 18-Jan-05 21:22:08

My ds is also 11mnths old and has always had problems with constipation. It usually takes about 48hrs to take effect. He was on lactulose twice a day (total of 10ml per day) for 3 weeks when he was 7mnth old and still had problems. In the end I stopped giving him it because the flatulence and abdominal cramps made him feel worse. I found stewed prunes or apricots worked quicker if I could get him to eat it (he is so sick of them that I can't even get him to take 1tsp).

nailpolish Tue 18-Jan-05 21:23:36

lactulose takes 3 or 4 doses to work, so say 48 hrs

cads Tue 18-Jan-05 21:23:50

I think morning is the best time because it will have a chance to work during the day and hopefully by evening he would have done his business and feel better.

4kids Sun 30-Jan-05 19:27:12

Lactulose isnt a laxative it helps soften the stools 2 make passing less painfull i have 2 give dd5 10mls of lactulose & 7mls of senna daily this has been going on 4 about 3m

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