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Is it reflux??

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Nimme Tue 18-Jan-05 09:11:36

DD2 is 6 weeks and has for the last week or so been vomitting up small amounts of milk following a feed. This generally comes in 20-30 minute intervals and wakes her up (and me ).

She is breastfed except for a bottle of formula just before bedtime. I am now giving her some Baby Gaviscon after this feed. She goes down beautifully (normally). It is following the night feed (somewhere between 3 and 5am) that she seems unable to settle and chucks regularly. I also give her Infacol before each feed. I have raised her cot and my HV suggested keeping her upright for longer so trying to hold her for 15-20 after a feed. This can be difficult as she wriggles a lot and obviously isn't comfortable.

Ended up sleeping with her in my arms which is a first and something I would really like to avoid.

Is it reflux (without the projectile vomitting and weight loss - she was weighed yesterday and doing brilliantly)?? Or something else??

LIZS Tue 18-Jan-05 09:28:42

It might be hidden reflux (which is akin to acid indigestion) but the fact that she is really only restless at night and is happily gaining wieght makes it less convincing. Can you put her in her car seat, bouncy chair or even a sling to hold her upright and may be distract her with a baby gym. Perhaps it is the formula or bottle feeding technique giving her wind or unsettling her tummy more - could you try giving ebm at this feed for a few days to see if it makes a difference.

Nimme Tue 18-Jan-05 09:42:19

Sorry I should have said it isn't only after this feed - on Sunday she was uncomfortable all day and slept in 20-30 minute spurts - despite the fact that she was obviously really tired.

I don't have a lot of milk at this hour and not sure I could express enough for a proper feed. I was thinking of trying a milk called Enfant A.R. which chemist recommends for it's anti regurtitation but it is not cheap.

KathH Tue 18-Jan-05 13:35:20

hi - my 15wk ds has reflux am waiting for hospital apt but in meantime we're using sma staydown which is anti-regurgitation. after buying 2 tins (its slightly dearer too)found out you can get it on prescription. william is also putting on weight well but is constantly sick (not huge amounts but constant!) and also waterbrashes where the acid travels up and pushes spit out and its like watery sick but this can damage their insides if severe.

Nimme Tue 18-Jan-05 20:48:01

KathH - Okay so need to try and change formula. I would be very intersted to see what they say at your hospital appt. When is it? Also how long has he had this? I had hoped it woul dbe gone by 12 weeks.....

Bedtime not going according to routine tonight but she has just taken 90 ml incl Gaviscon - hoping for a better night. Really need the sleep tonight.

KathH Wed 19-Jan-05 06:56:15

he's always done it but to be honest for the first couple of weeks i wasn't too bothered, thought it was a newborn -ish sort of thing. Hospital appt in a couple of weeks so will let you know. I've found it's not as bad (although still quite bad) if i dont wait until he's really hungry before feeding, i think this makes them produce more acid if they're crying, i burp him every ounce and a half, and prop up for half an hour after feeding, he also sleeps better since we've raised the head of his cot and since he's been on the sma staydown.

Nimme Wed 19-Jan-05 13:32:38

KathH - yes think feeding them before they get too hungry is good as they perhaps don't go at it with such gusto - she swallows quite a bit of air as well.

HV gave me blurb on regurgitation which is definitely what she has. Advice is to prop up for half hour and raise head of cot. The only problem I have is keeping her happy upright for 1/2 hour. Last night she fussed for so long (1.5 hour) while she was obviously uncomfortable. Had taken 90 ml bottle with Gaviscon - perhaps it was too much.

If I find a solution I'll post again

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