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breast lump removal

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Carameli Tue 18-Jan-05 08:10:59

In Feb I am getting a lump(non-cancerous) removed as I just cannot stop thinking about it and even though all the doctors tell me that is just fatty tissue I just want it out.

Anyway, has anyone had anything similar done here. I am just having it done as day surgery so just having a local anaesthetic. Also how did you feel after. I have only told my dh to take that day off as I don't want him fussing but will I be able to pick up my dd(15mnths) the next day?? or am I just worrying unnecessarily.

Pidge Tue 18-Jan-05 09:17:04

I had this done when I was 18 - they were also confident that the lump was nothing to worry about - in fact I put off the operation for a couple of months until I'd finished my A-levels. I was just in for the day, though I did have a general anaesthetic, so felt a bit groggy afterwards, but no great discomfort. I went on holiday less than a week later, having had the stitches removed (this is 16 years ago now, so maybe the stitches dissolve these days).

Good luck - I would imagine with a local anaesthetic you will bounce back very fast.

Carameli Tue 18-Jan-05 10:10:12

thanks, I will be glad when its done. I am lucky enough to be getting it done privately with a specialist breast surgeon and he said he sees these all the time and that they are nothing to worry about and has scanned and prodded it etc etc but I still just want it out.

otto Tue 18-Jan-05 10:19:47

I had a couple of lumps removed about 10 years ago and am due to get another one taken out later this year. I had this one investigated about four years ago and decided to leave it in, but then it changed when I breastfed, so like you, I feel nervous about it and would prefer it to be taken away.

You'll be tender a bruised for a few days, so picking up a 15-month old might be a problem on the the side you have the operation anyway.

Is it definitely being removed by local anaesthetic? I had a general, but was only in for the day. And I'm expecting to have a general next time too.

I hope it all goes well

Carameli Tue 18-Jan-05 10:32:45

yes, its definitely a local, as he said its so small that it will just pop out. He assured me I won't feel a thing but did not think it was large enough to need to put me completely under. Its got a great reputation where I am going so I am going to trust that they know that a local will be ok. I will certainly let them know if I feel anything.

GreatBigFatHeiferEnid Tue 18-Jan-05 10:39:53

I took my friend in to have this done between Christmas and New Year. She was nervous as you would expect, but the operation was incredibly quick and straightforward - took about 20 mins. She had a bit of discomfort for a couple of days but nothing that painkillers didnt take care of. And the really good news was that it was totally benign . Good luck with it.

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