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MISCARRIAGE- blood loss is smelling bad........

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mummy2olivia Sat 24-May-08 22:17:27

My miscarriage is turning into a bit of a saga- sorry everyone smile

Have miscarried naturally on Monday, overnight stay in hospital and scan the next day showed everything had gone.

Have bled steadily since, red blood with the odd clot. Tummy has been a bit tender but nothing severe.

However, have just been to the loo and blood loss smells like an abbatoir. It didnt earlier but even DH could smell it when he walked past the loo. Is this normal? Sorry for the imagery but the blood does actually smell like sh*t (no jokes please).

Someone put my mind at rest. please.

expatinscotland Sat 24-May-08 22:20:47

When I miscarried, all the leaflets I was given said to go back to be seen by someone if you experienced any foul smelling ordours or discharge from down below.

You may have an infection and should be seen again to rule that out.

sillybillybee Sat 24-May-08 22:23:29

Hiya sorry for your loss, I'm no expert, my miscarriages have been 'normal' but I think you should go and get it checked out. Hopefully there's nothing wrong but there's no harm in checking, maybe you have an infection and it would be best to find out sooner than later.
Hope you get it sorted.

Nursejo Sat 24-May-08 22:23:47

It probably does smell bad,as its not "fresh blood" but old blood,also if you normally use Tampons,you will notice the smell more like this as it "drying" in the air slightly.If you are still worried,see a Out-of Hours Doc tomorrow. HTH

mummy2olivia Sat 24-May-08 22:24:38

Oh bloody hell. Do you think it can wait til next week? Bank holiday weekend is a classic time for illness isnt it?!!

Expat- was happy to see your story and wish you a happy pregnancy smile

windygalestoday Sat 24-May-08 22:27:37

are you well in yourself(as well as you can do at this awful time)? no temperature? put your mind at rest maybe fone nhs direct.....i speak from experienc when i say this is a awful time and everything will seem very much more than it might be.

im sorry for your loss x

whomovedmychocolate Sat 24-May-08 22:27:44

Sorry you are having such a shitty time. You should get the smell checked out. If I were you I'd talk to the out of hours docs tomorrow morning - post partum infections can be very nasty - keep an eye on your temperature - if you start feeling hot or clammy get your bum down to the hospital. Particularly if you have a tender tummy and it feels hard.

Good luck. Hope the worst is now over for you.

mummy2olivia Sat 24-May-08 22:31:49

I have a cold so hard to tell....

WMMC- hope you are well. Remember we spoke before and you recommended acu to help me conceive?? Well it worked- unfortunately it ended like this but your advice worked!! Hope you are well and your pregnancy is going well smile

mummy2olivia Sat 24-May-08 22:41:52

Have spoke to the ward I was on earlier in the week- have got to go in tomorrow to have some swabs done.

My fanjo is practically public property.

whomovedmychocolate Sat 24-May-08 22:42:58

Ah thank you - I'm doing okayish, was briefly hospitalised last week with dehydration but am 31ish weeks now and things are going well.

Well I'm glad you conceived, sounds like you need to perform the same trick again though in a few months. But you know you can do it now. When you are ready, I'm sure you'll succeed. Also, continue the acupuncture as long as you can into the pregnancy, it can help support the pregnancy - well my acupuncturist reckoned so and it worked for me.

mummy2olivia Sat 24-May-08 22:50:10

Cannot face acu at the mo- it reminds me of TTC and I'm dreading going back to that dark place again.

Actually scrap that- am not even gonna think about it. If you think about TTC it doesnt happen, so am not going to anymore. Carried on acu with this pg but alas, was not to be.

DH had some tests done in the end and like your DH he had a couple of issues. Very high count but morphology was 7% which is bit low. Onloads of vits now though grin and no wine!!

Am hopeful it can happen though now- it was such a relief when I found out I was pg.

Soirry to hear you have been ill- cant believe how far you are!!

Am I remebering right that you had a miscarriage?

expatinscotland Sat 24-May-08 22:50:28

thanks, olivia.

glad to hear you are getting checked out, although sorry for your loss.

better safe than sorry, especially if others notice the smell.

it may be nothing, but this can put your mind at ease i hope or you can be treated soon if you do have an infection.

best of luck and keep us posted!

mummy2olivia Sat 24-May-08 22:54:50

Thanks expat smile The loss is awful but I feel like my self pity keeps being interrupted by stupid rank health problems e.g excessive bleeding, my fanjo smelling like crap. Hopefully it will all be over soon and then I can just wallow. smile

whomovedmychocolate Sat 24-May-08 22:55:14

Yep I miscarried the month before I conceived this pregnancy. Not bad for someone who was told I have zero chance of a natural conception eh? hmm Wasn't even trying either, was desperately upset and trying to get my head round my second miscarriage when I got pregnant with this one.

It's a hard fact but if you have a bad embryo there is nothing in the world to save it.

Sounds like you are being very sensible about it though - taking some time, whether you have a baby next year or the year after doesn't matter, what matters is that you are all healthy and happy when it does happen.

mummy2olivia Sat 24-May-08 22:59:48

Defo- we are following Marilyn Glenvilles nutrition plan to try and prevent it happening again. Good sperm +good egg = less chance of miscarriage??

Her study is pretty impressive- 350 couples with previous mc went onto conceive on the diet and NONE of them miscarried. worth a shot- anything to stop it happening again!!

Thanks for your good wishes WMMC- hope your pregnancy goes well. I will look out for a birth announcement.

Look out for my pregnancy announcement hmm

whomovedmychocolate Sat 24-May-08 23:05:26

mummy2olivia - I have a book actually called 'miscarriage - the good news' which is pretty indepth about the reasons for miscarriage and all the studies about what can prevent recurrence. It's no good for me now, I'm done after this baby, if you want it - CAT me your address and I'll mail it to you. It cheered me up a bit learning the technical side of miscarriage (yes I know how perverse that sounds but knowing it was nothing I did really helped).

mummy2olivia Sat 24-May-08 23:08:30

Oh thank you!!!!

Il CAT you my address. You are a star!!


mummy2olivia Mon 26-May-08 09:43:09

Just a quick update for you kind ladies that gave me advice....

Turns out the smell was coming from some retained 'products of conception'. Turns out that after being told by a scan that I was 'all clear' I wasnt.angry The 'products' were turning black and starting to smell. sad

The Dr removed them with forceps (they were still attatched) and he said that my cervix is still open which is a sure sign that there were bits left behind.

I have 2 weeks of doxycycline and metronidazole to hopefully get rid and prevent any infection.

justjules Mon 26-May-08 09:45:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mummy2olivia Mon 26-May-08 09:54:52

Thanks Jules,

I do feel as though I've taken 1 step forward and 2 steps back. another hurdle to get over.......


spub Mon 26-May-08 17:43:49

So sorry for your loss and even more sorry that it was even more of a trauma than it had to be. Do be kind and let yourself rest. DO have a damned good wallow, too if you want.
Another vote here for acupuncture (I know you've already had it; do try it again). The succesful result of my post mc acupuncture is presently wrecking my living room....grin.
Hope you get through this all ok and best of luck for your next pg.
Take care.

whomovedmychocolate Tue 27-May-08 20:19:50

mummy2olivia - no CAT as yet Want to try again?

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