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Hurray! The tooth is gone!!!!

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Yorkiegirl Mon 17-Jan-05 21:00:50

Message withdrawn

IloveMarmite Mon 17-Jan-05 21:01:59

Well done and congratulations. I posted on your earlier thread because my dh had same. I hope you have a really good night's sleep tonight.

ks Mon 17-Jan-05 21:02:37

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Mon 17-Jan-05 21:02:50

Message withdrawn

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 17-Jan-05 21:02:56

. Glad you're relieved YK

Getting my root canalled tooth crowned this week in a last ditch attempt to sort it out - if not, its coming out too!

lockets Mon 17-Jan-05 21:03:11

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Mon 17-Jan-05 21:04:03

Message withdrawn

ks Mon 17-Jan-05 21:04:05

Message withdrawn

ks Mon 17-Jan-05 21:04:26

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Mon 17-Jan-05 21:05:39

Message withdrawn

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 17-Jan-05 21:06:03

Yes ks - can't afford a white crown, so it will be metal, but its right at the back.

Yorkiegirl Tue 18-Jan-05 18:29:37

Message withdrawn

Hausfrau Tue 18-Jan-05 18:36:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Yorkiegirl Tue 18-Jan-05 21:26:22

Message withdrawn

doggiewalker Tue 18-Jan-05 21:31:23

Me too Hausfrau! I also had an abcess about 4 weeks after birth of ds1 and had to have tooth out. At mo have 4 gaps at back where teeth have been extracted and 1 crown. Front teeth all OK so far though!

Hope you're feeling much better now Yorkiegirl.

Aero Tue 18-Jan-05 21:31:56

YG - did you actually have a RC done in the first place - it's just that I'm having problems and can't really understand why. The nerve has been removed and it has ben root filled yesterday, but I really can't have anything touching it as it's so painful and i can't eat normally. Can't understand the pain if there's no nerve!! Only hurts though if touched either by other teeth or food. Weird! Am really wanting to save the tooth if at all possible. V glad you're feeling better though.

sammac Tue 18-Jan-05 21:34:30

Aero could it be the after effects of all the drilling that's made it tender. Mine was like that the other week(Christmas Eve) and was almost convinced the dentist had got the wrong tooth!

ks Tue 18-Jan-05 21:34:42

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Tue 18-Jan-05 21:35:05

Message withdrawn

Aero Tue 18-Jan-05 21:38:50

Hve to go back in a couple of weeks anyway to get my shiny new veneers in (courtesy of ds2), so will give it some time - hopefully it will settle - it's just that it's not a pain I recognise and believe me I've had some toothaches in my time.
Sammac - am coming to say hello now!!

Yorkiegirl Tue 18-Jan-05 21:39:55

Message withdrawn

Aero Tue 18-Jan-05 21:41:53

Feels like a metal on metal thing - odd, but am keeping my fingers crossed. I hate it when it's so annoying you can think of nothing else.

CarrieG Tue 18-Jan-05 21:43:51

congratulations on separating from your tooth YG!

Yorkiegirl Tue 18-Jan-05 21:45:07

Message withdrawn

jasper Tue 18-Jan-05 21:48:10

hooray! hooray!
well done Yorkiegirl!
Sometimes extraction is by far the best option.
wishing you a speedy recovery.

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