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Pharmacist just refused to sell me medised for my 3yr old!

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toomanyshoes Thu 22-May-08 18:17:10

I am so angry with her! I know the recommendations have changed and medised is no longer suitable for children under 2 but my DD is 3.

She said it was unsuitable for young children and produced a leaflet telling me how to deal with a cold (plenty of fluids, rest etc) FGS I'm not a bloody moron!!
It's not even a new formulation, the bottles on the shelf were the old 'from 3 months' stock.

I told her I knew the recommendations and had checked on the medised site. Had a row with her and stormed out in the end angry

LyraSilvertongue Thu 22-May-08 18:18:08

How dare she! Make a complaint and shop elsewhere from now on.

constancereader Thu 22-May-08 18:18:23

Did she not believe you when you told her your daughter's age? How very annoying.

lazarou Thu 22-May-08 18:18:46

Complain to the manager or head office. If they don't want to sell it then they shouldn't put it on the shelves. I bought some recently, no probs.

Lovemyshoes Thu 22-May-08 18:19:19

I heard someone from boots doing exactly the same to someone yesterday and was disgusted.

What is the use of selling/advertising it, if you can't bloody buy it. angry on your behalf.

misdee Thu 22-May-08 18:20:27

go to another pharmacist.

i dont like medised, prefer paracetamole suspension myself, but have abottle for emergencies.

local pharmacists always knows when my kids are ill as i buy paracetamol suspension, kiddy neurofen and small bottle of medised (given 4hours after paracetamol if needed), and vicks vapour rub. i get 'oh they all ill again mrs w'

toomanyshoes Thu 22-May-08 18:21:12

I have been in there lots of times with DD and had already asked her advice on exzema cream for a 3 year old before I asked for the medised. I had DS (5 months) with me, maybe she thought i was planning to finish him off with my small bottle of medised!

toomanyshoes Thu 22-May-08 18:23:04

Pharmacist in boots asked my 63 year old mum if she had taken paracetamol before she would hand it over the other week!

misdee Thu 22-May-08 18:25:35

legally they have to.

mejon Thu 22-May-08 20:06:47

Go to Lloyds Pharmacy. I bought a bottle there a few weeks ago with no questions asked.

CountessDracula Thu 22-May-08 20:23:43

how bizarre hmm

mumclaire Thu 22-May-08 20:30:41

Sorry - when did the rules change about medised?? Totally missed this.... anyone know why??

jybay Thu 22-May-08 21:58:56

Medised has been associated with a (slightly) higher death rate in children with febrile illnesses. I never prescribe it for that reason. The problem is the antihistamine component - it causes drowsiness which is can be a bonus but can also be dangerous in sick children. That said, it's licensed for the over twos so it seems a bit odd that she wouldn't sell it to you. Did she give an explanation?

SlightlyMadSweet Thu 22-May-08 22:02:49

27 March things changed, here.

She had no right to refuse to sell it for a 3yo.

The 3m on the box is irrelevant. The manufacturer has until Oct to change packaging. Until that has happened the pharmacist has to tell you not for under 2s...and give you a leaflet about it too.

jybay Thu 22-May-08 22:05:59

Actually a pharmacist not only has the right not to sell a medicine but has a duty not to do so if s/he is concerned about how it is going to be used. Still v odd to do so without giving you an explanation though.

ReallyTired Thu 22-May-08 22:10:41

Is medised available on prescription to under twos? Are there anti histamines that a GP can prescribe to a baby?

Medised used sensibly is not dangerous, its sad that a few stupid parents stop children getting the benefit when sensibly used.

toomanyshoes Thu 22-May-08 22:12:19

thanks for that link. I'm going to print it off and go back in there tomorrow with DD and ask her to give me an explanation. She is a miserable old bag and has frequently been rude to DH and myself in the past.
Got the distinct impression that she just thought it was inappropriate to treat a cold with medised. None of her bloody business what I decide to do when my child is ill as long as I'm not using a drug that is unsafe for her age group.
Can you tell i am still fuming grin

SlightlyMadSweet Thu 22-May-08 22:17:13

Duno really tired.

We were having that debate a few weeks ago.

It is the active ingrediant which has been banned. We couldn't decide whether it has been banned outright (i.e. even with prescription), or just in cough medicines (as the active ingrediant in piriton is on hte list, infact it may be the same as medised; anyway you can still use piritons from 1yr), or whether (most likely) GPs actually have a stronger anti-histamine(s) in their armoury when required.

misdee Thu 22-May-08 22:44:03

yes reallytired, plety of anti-histimines can be used for under 2's. piriton is over 1's and under if perscribed (had to phone up out of hours when dd3 was under a year old and having an allergic reaction, to see if i shoulkd bring her in or if it was ok to give piriton), and some others as well which i cant recall right now.

carrieon Thu 22-May-08 22:57:10

My pharmacist friend said its the sudo-ephadrine (spelling up the creek) that is the concern as there were some deaths due to over-dosing. While the majority of us are sane and sensible people who stick to advised doses, it has been decided that its too easy to over-dose accidentally. But she did point out that you can lie and choose to give it to your child off-label since people like us have given it to younger babies without any problems.
I find cal-cold very good for dd, although I always used to buy medised for the sedative, not the medicinal properties!
The pharmacist was just plain wrong to refuse to sell it for someone over 2 unless they had just cause for concern, which it doesn't sound like they did.

nappyaddict Thu 22-May-08 23:25:18

our gp prescribed something to help ds sleep (phenagen sp?? i think) its meant for over 2s but the gp was happy to prescribe it. when i got to the pharmacy they wouldn't bloody give it me. i said the doctor clearly knows how old he is and thinks this dose is fine. i'm sure he knows what he is doing. they still wouldn't give it me

Feelingbetterslowly Thu 22-May-08 23:27:30

A really thicko question but what does medised do? I've only ever used calpol.

seeker Thu 22-May-08 23:41:10

Good. It's horrible stuff, and having it in the house is too tempting.

Use calpol.

toomanyshoes Fri 23-May-08 07:38:42

Seeker, too tempting to do what? If you use the correct dosage there is no risk to your child. The fact that it helps them sleep at night is a bonus for them and for you, It helps them to breathe properly.
I want my DD to have a restful nights sleep without a streaming nose, I have no urge or need to knock her out with a medised overdose.
Calpol does not help with the congestion so not the same thing at all.
It is the whole 'you are not responsible enough to have this medicine' thing that has wound me up in the first place.

NotABanana Fri 23-May-08 07:42:39

We use a damp flannel on the radiator when the kids are coldy and bunged up.

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