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oh crap. just found a lump in my breast

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queenrollo Thu 22-May-08 11:28:26

just had a shower.....not done regular breast exams,just every now and then. I have found a lump, little bit smaller than a pea and now i can't stop shaking.
What do i do? Gp's will be busy, should i try and get an appt with a practice nurse?

soremummy Thu 22-May-08 11:29:25

Yes go get an appointment now. You can never be too careful it might be nothing and you will worry until you get checked

Piffle Thu 22-May-08 11:31:50

Queen Rollo I had this 3 years ago and shat myself.
I got in to GP asap so yes get whatever appt they will give you.
GP will examine the lump and how it moves and tell you most likely it is a cyst but that they will refer you for fast mammogram
This is what they are supposed to do for all lumps.
Please try not to worry most are simply cysts like mine which come and go as they please.

MamaG Thu 22-May-08 11:32:26

Yes. practice nurses are usually excelletn

fransmom Thu 22-May-08 11:33:06

good luck sweetheart xx

queenrollo Thu 22-May-08 11:37:13

just phoned the surgery, the receptionist has said i need a gp appt as all the nurse will do is refer me for one, so i'm going at 9.20 tomorrow.

fransmom Thu 22-May-08 11:38:45

fingers crossed for tomorrow xx

queenrollo Thu 22-May-08 14:00:34

my dp just phoned and i couldn't help but tell him. i heard his voice wobbling and it was awful sad.....i feel fine, after the initial shock i'm very calm.

amner Thu 22-May-08 14:06:13

I'm so pleased you've done this so quickly.

As Piffle says these things can come and go. I know.I had a breast mouse.... cant think of the technical word for it now...adenoin something, but basically like a mouse sometimes they are there.. sometimes not.

I had it aspirated as I was only about 25 at the time, and it was found to be harmless.

I could have had it removed, but being a vain youngster, opted not to.

I think it has gone now, or at least I've not felt it for many a year.

Thinking of you x

Eddas Thu 22-May-08 14:09:31

queenrollo, i had 2 lumps, one in each breast. mine were gristle(sp?) lumps, formed when they grew(this was when i was 17/18)

Try not to worry, hard I know but you have done the best thing going to the doctors tomorrow. Hopefully they will be able to let you know what it is, or is more likely to be.

I got sent for a mamogram but as i was young they didn't do it but did a scan like they do when you're pg, with the gel, can't remember the nameblush

Good luck for the morningsmile

WatsTheStory Thu 22-May-08 14:10:06

Message withdrawn

queenrollo Thu 22-May-08 14:10:17

it really is quite a small lump, and i wonder if i can feel it there more clearly because i am very small breasted.

LittleMissNorty Thu 22-May-08 14:11:01

I know its easier said than done, but please try not to worry....most lumps are benign, especially "at your age" smile.

You have absolutely done the right thing in going to the GP straight away.

They will refer you to your local breast clinic where they will examine you, do an ultrasound scan and possibly a biopsy to confirm its all ok.

If your GP doesn't refer you, insist on it- they are specialists at the hospital - GPs aren't.

Fingers crossed for you and I'm sure all will be fine.

brimfull Thu 22-May-08 14:12:38

queenrollo-I had a lump last yr and it is indeed very scary.

Most of the time they are harmless,as mine was and I'm sure yours will be.

LittleMissNorty Thu 22-May-08 14:12:58

Amner - fibroadenoma.....very common

Eddas Thu 22-May-08 14:13:15

ultrasound! that's it

qr, ask dp to feel it later. Sometimes it's hard to tell on your own body

amner Thu 22-May-08 14:13:26

How old are you if you dont mind me asking ?

queenrollo Thu 22-May-08 14:19:12

i'm nearly 33......
i would get dp to have a feel but he will be so upset by this i think that would be too much for him. If he offers to then i will let him. We've only been together 7 months but are extremely close, he is an extremely emotional person. He is worrying more than i am.

amner Thu 22-May-08 14:28:34

Thats good. The younger you are the better.

My DH couldn't feel my fibroadenoma and I'm small breasted too.

I wouldnt push and poke it about too much, you could cause some swelling and soreness that is nothing to do with the lump and this might make it more difficult for the GP to feel tomorrow.

Thank LNM. That was it grin

queenrollo Fri 23-May-08 08:21:25

well i'm off to the GP this morning. I did remember yesterday when i was about 8 i had to go to a clinic to be examined because i had little lumps in my breast area (my breasts finally put in an appearance when i was about 13, late bloomer i guess) and i was diagnosed with some kind of cyst which would just go away with time. I suppose it's worth mentioning this to my GP if he asks me questions about any history of lumps? Might not be relevant, but doesn't hurt to say does it.
I'm being calm but cautious about it. I have a very large family and no incidence of breast cancer at all, which at the moment i'm taking as a good sign.
I had a few tears with dp last night, and he told me it would be ok. 'but what if it isn't?' i wailed at him.....and he replied very calmly, holding my face in his hands....'then we deal with that if it happens, but for now try not to worry'
I'll just be glad when this appt is over....

jalopy Fri 23-May-08 08:25:14

Just read your post, Queenrollo. Good luck at GP.

lottiejenkins Fri 23-May-08 08:25:59

Hope it all goes ok QueenRollo... Good luck and hugs xxxxxxxx

WatsTheStory Fri 23-May-08 08:27:48

Message withdrawn

queenrollo Fri 23-May-08 09:59:08

back from the GP. Arrived early, got in early! I went a couple of weeks ago for something to calm my nerves for a tooth extraction and he asked me how that went as soon i walked through the door. Gave me a telling off about my very overdue smear (now booked for next week) and then asked what i wanted.
Had a lovely nurse get me ready for the exam which was nowhere near as bad as i thought it would be. Typically, i couldn't find the lump this morning which they both said was a good sign, but i have very fibrous breast tissue and he said this made it hard for him to tell if there was anything abnormal. I will get a letter next week with an appointment to go to the breast clinic, and the appointment should be for the week after.
I do feel better now, though obviously won't be completely calm until i've been to the clinic and checked properly.
My GP said i may need to have regular checks because of how fibrous the breast tissue is. Having never felt another woman's breasts i had no idea my were 'fibrous'....i thought it was normal.
Thankyou for your support, i'll keep the thread updated....

WatsTheStory Fri 23-May-08 10:04:08

Message withdrawn

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