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Acidophilus after illness - for how long?

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muminaspin Sun 16-Jan-05 20:24:34

anyone know how long I should give Banana flavour acidophilus (from Biocare) to dd 15mths?
She's had a bout of diarrohea since just after Xmas... It seems to be doing the trick, but I'm not sure how long to continue giving to her.

muminaspin Sun 16-Jan-05 20:34:01

also, do you need to keep it in the fridge after opening - it doesn't say so on the bottle, but just found an archive thread saying you should? NatureDoc - are you out there??

muminaspin Sun 16-Jan-05 20:52:38

aaaargggggh!!! just read bottle.. it does say "keep refridgerated"...

Opened it on Thurs, not kept it in the fridge - it's been in the kitchen in cool place - do you think it's okay to carry on using??

kinderbob Sun 16-Jan-05 21:20:40

It will be okay, it just might not still be as active and alive. I would just pop it in the fridge and use it until you have none left.

No harm can be done, and having it every day can actually help prevent tummy bugs.

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