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GnRH analogues for endometriosis - any experiences?

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eemie Sat 15-Jan-05 09:55:36

I have pelvic pain due to endometriosis which has just been diagnosed at laparoscopy. It's too extensive for lasering and I can't take testosterone derivatives or the pill. Fertility is (sadly) no longer an issue. I'm seriously considering hysterectomy as I'm incapacitated by the pain. I'm wondering if it's worth trying GnRH first (Prostap, Zoladex or similar) but also wonder if that would just prolong the agony. Any personal experiences? TIA

eemie Sat 15-Jan-05 12:07:40

Bump...really need some help with this as operation could be as soon as Tuesday. Anyone?

SofiaAmes Sat 15-Jan-05 17:43:09

I am fairly sure that the Mirena Coil can help. Do a search online.

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