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chamomilla for teething - how often can you use?

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muminaspin Thu 13-Jan-05 15:35:46

I used chamollia for teething for first time last night and it worked a dream... should I use again - and how for long? Anyone else used it?

Jimjams Thu 13-Jan-05 17:43:18

Fine to use again- only repeat when it stops working though- otherwise it could end up not working. For a baby who's clingy and weepy (rather than cross and howling) with teeting pulsatilla is a good alternative.

muminaspin Thu 13-Jan-05 18:03:38

jimjams - bit confused.. do you mean don't use it again, ie. tonight? Or wait until symptoms start again? It's tricky as it's at nightime that her teeth start to bother her - so should I give her some more before she goes to bed?

MrsBigD Thu 13-Jan-05 18:22:51

mumin aspin - you should be alright giving it to dd before she goes to bed. Used to do that with my dd and it worked a treat. I only stopped it when the effect seemed to lessen

Hope this helps

muminaspin Thu 13-Jan-05 20:22:49

Thanks MrsbigD.. did give her some more tonight, so fingers crossed!

MrsBigD Fri 14-Jan-05 09:09:24

how was your night?

Jimjams Fri 14-Jan-05 09:57:28

Sorry- not making much sense- yeah do as mrsbigd says- you can give it again in the same night if it stops working as well.

muminaspin Fri 14-Jan-05 13:22:59

not so good - she woke at 3.00am and didn't go back to sleep for an hour.. crying... bonjela didn't help - eventually gave beaker of milk and calpol!

MrsBigD Sat 15-Jan-05 16:17:27

bonjela never worked with dd... calgel was superb though and a teething ring right out of the fridge

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