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Orthodontics - extract teeth OR NOT?

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dolally Wed 12-Jan-05 21:52:20

My ds is shortly to have braces...
Does anyone have any advice as to whether it's ALWAYS necessary to extract teeth before having braces. Somebody told me recently that many dentists nowadays feel that teeth can be straightened perfectly well without always assuming that some have to come out, and.. that extraction of permanent teeth can cause later problems. Any comments? I feel I need to be better informed before the next appointment.

SecondhandRose Wed 12-Jan-05 21:57:34

Have a look at how much the teeth need pulling back if it's quite a lot you'll need to extract two pre-molars either side at the top or there won't be any space for the teeth to be pulled into as you need to make space for them. Sorry that was a bit wordy but I'm sure you know what I mean.

If your DS doesn't complete his course and have all the work done then he may have problems as he would be left with spaces after the extractions and the possibility of the teeth either side drifting in their spaces. I've never known anyone not complete their work though so don't worry.

Most important thing is that he keeps it clean. Good luck,

Slinky Wed 12-Jan-05 22:04:28

I had braces fitted when I was 14 - "track" braces on the bottom and a plate on top. I did have 4 teeth extracted prior to this, as my mouth did need the extra room for the other teeth to be pushed back into place.

My teeth are now lovely and straight, with no gaps at all between them (you wouldn't be able to tell that I had had 4 teeth out) and in a good position. I have never had any problems caused by the teeth extractions.

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 22:04:30

dolally, my kids (4 of them) have all been through orthodontics and they have all had to have permanent teeth extracted but then they all have small jaws (I blame their father )

There is no definite answer for anybody. DD1 was the first to be done and came out of the process, after 4 extractions (premolars, top and bottom), with beautiful straight teeth, but didn't have a fixed retainer in and even after having those extractions, when her wisdom teeth came through it all went pear-shaped and she had to have more treatment later.

There are 2 premolars in each quadrant and it seems to me they are eminently disposable, and that it is better to leave a child with a bit of extra space in its mouth than not enough. Principles are all very well but if a jaw is too small, what are you going to do?

Trust your own orthodontist.

dolally Wed 12-Jan-05 22:04:35

I think he'll have to have top and bottom, both LOOK pretty crowded to me. But do you know of anyone who has had a crowded mouth straightened without taking out teeth... sounds like a stupid question I know... sorry!

Slinky Wed 12-Jan-05 22:06:25

If it's due to "overcrowding", then I think you would have to have the teeth extractions, otherwise there would be nowhere for the teeth to be pushed back.

dolally Wed 12-Jan-05 22:12:07

Thanks for your input, I think I'm getting the picture a bit better now. I had teeth extracted and a brace myself, but I had the removeable kind of brace and used not to use it... My teeth are not bad but nothing fantastic and I would like to get my teeth right, but I don't want to extract if it's not necessary. Of course as you say I must trust my orthodontist .

dolally Wed 12-Jan-05 22:13:05

... get my KIDS' teeth right, that should read

milliways Wed 12-Jan-05 22:15:23

My DD is wearing tracks now, but had months of wearing head gear to pull the teeth back. She hated head gear but was relieved no teeth extracted.

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 22:17:12

I will mention though, dolally, when your DS has his extractions do tell him NOT to fiddle with his numb lip. DS2 had some baby teeth extracted when he was 10, could not leave his lip alone and ended up looking as if he'd had a bout with Mike Tyson. It took 2 or 3 days to go down.

He is now nearly 12 and due to have some permanent teeth extracted next week; he says he learnt his lesson last time but I don't know! (None of my other kids did this but worth mentioning to yours anyway.)

ZoeB Wed 12-Jan-05 22:20:15

I worked as a dental nurse for Ortho and sometimes extraction is the only way to go. I didnt see any undue complications and results are amazing !! you will be suprised how quickly they move. They say approx 18 months but I saw the finished quicker than that. As said before clean clean clean the teeth can mark and become discoloured which looks awful keep off Cola not good....for teeth. The ortho will take a mold and this must be kept so its good to ask for a look at the end to see the diiference.
Sit and talk to the ortho and ask away they wont mind ( plus they love to talk about there work) ALOT. Braces are the thing at the moment with all the funky bands available from Pink to glow in the dark. If the ortho has a CD player take your DS music or a personal one as they are in for awhile and it DOES get boring for them .

ZoeB Wed 12-Jan-05 22:24:08

p.s Ds will have to wear a guard afterwards which should be worn as much as poss, seen too many come back with movement. They do say well into adult life and still as much as poss.
sorry gone on abit and i was only a nurse !!!!!

dolally Wed 12-Jan-05 22:30:43

Milliways, what on earth is headgear??? sounds awful. And your dd didn't have any teeth extracted. Does she have a large jaw?

Thanks for everybody's opinions, it's a real help. Do you have a general for extraction nowadays (forgot to ask the ortho last time). In my day it was gas! God not that long ago surely!

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 22:32:01

Mine have all just had locals, dolally - injection worse than extraction generally (except when DS2's baby canines were removed, the roots are wider than the tooth and they did hurt coming out).

dolally Wed 12-Jan-05 22:37:32

Thanks again, everyone, I will keep the mould that's a good idea. Any other comments welcome.

Yes braces do seem to be really cool at the mo don't they, my dd 2 says she wants to be the first in her class to get them!

milliways Wed 12-Jan-05 22:38:54

Headgear is a metal "bow" that you have to hook into things thatv are glued to your back teeth. It sits around the mouth, and is held on with an elasticated brace thing worn on the head. Google it - Orthadontic headgear - for pictures. The gear pulls the teeth backwards, creating spaces before the train tracks are fitted. Has to be worn 12+ hours per day. DD wore it every possible moment except for at school & knocked months off the treatment time. Loads of kids have it, but as no-one wears it outside, no-one knows who else has it!

milliways Wed 12-Jan-05 22:47:00

By the way - it was to correct the alignment of top to bottom teeth as well. Bottom teeth were all straight, a few out of line at top but "bite" wasn't correct.

Gem13 Wed 12-Jan-05 23:06:19

No expert advice just personal experience.

I had sticky out front teeth and a double over bite. Was told I had to have a brace on my top front teeth and 4 teeth out. Had the 4 teeth out (pre molars? halfway along), never wore the brace (chucked it in the bin, mum found it, disinfected it and made me wear it to the orthodentist who said it was bent and I didn't deserve it! Didn't shed many tears over that ) but my front teeth shifted back and they have looked straight ever since. I've been told that I have pretty good teeth and they have definitely lost the rabbit look. Still have 2 or 3 small gaps but not noticeable when I smile. Worked out pretty well for me.

Gem13 Wed 12-Jan-05 23:07:14

Don't know if any of that was useful! Off to bed.

mears Wed 12-Jan-05 23:08:52

My DS is seeing the orthodontist just now. He has a sort of brace in the roof of his mouth to widen the top palate. May or may not ultimately need extractions.

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 23:32:50

DS2 had that too, mears - had a key to widen it a turn at a time twice a week for months. Still needed the extractions though. I have my DDs trained to look out for men with nice wide jaws (like David Coulthard, LOL) so that their kids won't need orthodontics!

kinderbob Wed 12-Jan-05 23:52:06

I just had the extractions and my teeth slotted back into place. I have a slight gap on one side, but nowhere near the size of a tooth, so I'm glad they did it.

This was what was recommended BTW, my mum didn't just decide I didn't need braces.

essbee Thu 13-Jan-05 02:22:03

Message withdrawn

connyflower Thu 13-Jan-05 08:17:31

im, due to have brace fitted in feb and at 26 im dreading it! was reading this to see if anyone had this experience .... ive got to have brace fitted for 18 months then my jaw broken in 2 places to correct my overbite! anyone else any experience in this! thought to straighten teeth it would have been a straight forward brace, seemenly not! any experience of this anyone! sorry to hijack ya thread x

dolally Thu 13-Jan-05 08:22:15

wow connyflower, hope your treatment goes well!

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