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Can anyone put my mind at rest re: gas blowing out on hob

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memum Wed 12-Jan-05 20:32:46

I know this is going to sound like I'm a complete fool but I am worried sick about something and don't know who to ask. It regards my gas hob. Whilst cooking this evening - I turned the gas down on the hob (to tend to my ds) then served up dinner, played, bathed and put my toddler to bed. On returning downstairs to start my dh's dinner I found that I had forgotten to turn the gas off on the hob - however there was no flame - in other words it must have accidentally blown out. Being 37 weeks pregnant and a worrier at the best of times I 'm now convinced I have poisoned my unborn baby, ds and myself by letting gas escape around the house. Can anyone advise here?

KatieMac Wed 12-Jan-05 20:39:29

Natural gas is safe (as long as it doesn't explode ) at least in that sort of quantity.

Open the windows-for a few minutes and everything will be fine

memum Wed 12-Jan-05 20:41:36

Thanks so much - I didn't think anyone would respond as its such a ridiculous concern. Pregnancy has turned made my brain to mush and my nerves are a wreck!! Common sense where are you???!!

joash Wed 12-Jan-05 20:42:14

Agree with Katiemac - you'll be fine.

KatieMac Wed 12-Jan-05 20:42:51

It's carbon monoxide that you need to worry about

tillykins Wed 12-Jan-05 20:43:31

Fine fine fine! Please don't worry, I'm sure even a lot of gas wouldn't cause a problem

memum Wed 12-Jan-05 20:45:21

thank you KatieMac and Joash. My dh said he smelt gas when he came in though was not unduely concerned- and I'm convinced I'm overwhelmed with fumes as I'm sat here watching 'Closer'.

memum Wed 12-Jan-05 20:47:44

I mean 'The Others' not 'Closer'. see what I mean?!! Please hurry up baby - pregnancy is no longer fun..........!!

SofiaAmes Wed 12-Jan-05 22:12:25

The only poisoning would have come from all the worrying.... You sound sooo pregnant.

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