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breast reduction

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ohdearohdear Fri 09-May-08 10:03:12

has anyone had a breast reduction? i'm seriously considering having it done and would really love to hear people's experiences as i'm very nervous. Also if you had to done di you go privately or on nhs? thanks in advance!

ohdearohdear Fri 09-May-08 13:05:12


sophiewd Fri 09-May-08 13:13:18

Had it done 4 years ago privatly, went in early, operation and stayed in one night, on self admin morphine drip for a while and then on co codemol or something like it.

ohdearohdear Fri 09-May-08 13:47:09

thanks sophiewd. what was the pain like afterwards and how long did it take to get back to doing normal things, driving, looking after the children, etc? also do you mind me asking what size you went from and to. Also what's the scarring like. sorry for all the questions - i'm so nervous but really want it done! thanks!

SniffyHock Fri 09-May-08 13:50:25

I had it done last summer and am thrilled with the results. It took me a while to get used to though, the scars looked shocking to begin with but now they're fine.

I went from a 34J to a 34E - it sounds like they are still big but they are very pert and don't look massive at all.

Is it really freaky to offer you my 'before & after' photos?? (I would cut my head off!!)

Get a good reccomendation for a surgeon though as results can vary.

SniffyHock Fri 09-May-08 13:52:17

Oh and I drove after 4 days. Took it easy with picking up the children for about a week. Was dopey for a couple of days after so I stayed in a hotel, kids at my Mum's.

sophiewd Fri 09-May-08 15:29:49

It was before I got married so no kids but was back at school working after the holidays (had it done at the bginning of the easter holidays), pain was ok just strong painkillers after hopsital and scarrung fine as well Went from 42G to C cup.

ohdearohdear Fri 09-May-08 21:06:59

sniffyhock, thanks for that - some pics would be great if ok with you?

SniffyHock Fri 09-May-08 22:55:26

Will do - hubby has our laptop with him which has the pictures on but I'll post later in the weekend and then put them on my profile (for a very short time!!!)

Keep an eye on this thread.

ohdearohdear Sat 10-May-08 21:20:30

thanks sniffyhock - really kind of you. doctor said i could pick up ds (2) ater a couple of weeks, but what happens he pushes against my boobs - he often suddenly moves, pushes, etc - will the stitches burst and will it damge me? Also really worried about being able to put ds i his car seat afterwards, beacasue of the lifting and bending/twisting to put him in - will that be ok after 2 weeks?

SniffyHock Sun 11-May-08 13:05:33

Hi ohdear - are you online? Let me know and I'll post the pictures today. I never thought I'd post photos of my boobies on t'internet!!!!

My DC were 3 and 8 months when I had mine done and I was fine after a week. You need to train your DS to get into his car seat so you can just do the straps. I had a few problems on one side where it wasn't healing but after a course of anti-biotics, it was fine.

ohdearohdear Sun 11-May-08 18:32:38

hi, online now - thanks so much!!

SniffyHock Sun 11-May-08 19:05:29

They're not in order so I'm hoping that you can figure out the before and after!!

The extreme close ups are so you can see the scarring.

Can't believe I'm posting this blush blush blush

missblythe Sun 11-May-08 19:10:22

Lovely, Sniffy

Did you have implants too?-they look so pert, and non-mummy like!

I'm a similar size to you, and despo to have mine done.

If only I were not so wedded to teh idea of breast feeding, I'd get on and have them done now, but as it is, want to wait until have had another baby.

SniffyHock Sun 11-May-08 19:13:40

No implants - all mine!! They were just lifted at the same time.

missblythe Sun 11-May-08 19:15:42

Wow! Am serious impressed. Gives me hope!

SniffyHock Sun 11-May-08 20:19:21

Hi Ohdear, have you had a chance to look? I really want to take the pictures off tonight smile

emma1977 Sun 11-May-08 20:26:15

Blimey- you got a good surgeon!

SniffyHock Sun 11-May-08 20:27:44

ta (double blush)

ZeMNetterWithZeBigBoobies Sun 11-May-08 20:35:34

Sniffy, if you want them to reamin private, put ohdearohdear as a mumsnet mate. then switch the privacy.

SniffyHock Sun 11-May-08 20:40:00

Thanks so much BigBoobies - I'm new to adding photos! I've done that now smile

ZeMNetterWithZeBigBoobies Sun 11-May-08 20:40:06

I'm really interested in getting this done. I did speak to my GP once (and burst into tears blush) and she gave me the name of a surgeon to contact. I have a colleague who has had a reduction, she went in recently because of a minor problem with the scar tissue.

It's not very nice to be known for the size of your breasts. (And I got asked once again when my baby was due angry)

Piffle Sun 11-May-08 20:41:17

Great perky nips sniffy! You are a darling for posting those.
I desp want one am 32hh and size 10 and need smaller ones. Have dents in my shoulders and posture probs too.
am still feeding ds2 but am lining up for op in a years time.
Will beg nhs but am prepared to pay somehow.
can I ask about nipple sensitivity?

SniffyHock Sun 11-May-08 20:43:10

It was a really good decision for me. It was strange in a way not to be known for the size of your breasts. They had defined me for so long I really worried about it IYKWIM.

It took me a while after the op to feel happy with them but now my confidence has soared. In fact, we only took the after photos today and seeing them side by side made me smile!

ZeMNetterWithZeBigBoobies Sun 11-May-08 20:44:24

Ah, coat hanger shoulders. Piffle, have you tried pilates for the posture problems? I have the beginnings of a dowagers hump. <sexy>

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