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Mumps -- single vax. Any after effects?

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bakedpotato Mon 10-Jan-05 14:07:00

have found place offering it (amazing). but can't get DD, 3, vaccinated before arrival of sibling. did anyone's child have a bad reaction to it? Can't face thought of DD having reaction while our nights are still in total chaos.

bakedpotato Mon 10-Jan-05 14:45:48


Uwila Mon 10-Jan-05 15:35:00

Hi bakedpotato, which one is she due for? Or do you mean all three?

My dd was a bit crabby after the measels one, but no big deal. Don't remember anything but being a bit tired after Rubella. She hasn't had mumps yet, so can't offer anything there.

Which one are you trying to get? How long do you have to wait?

CountessDracula Mon 10-Jan-05 15:42:39

My dd didn't have a bad reaction at all.

bakedpotato Mon 10-Jan-05 15:43:15

umm, mumps, uwila (there's a clue in the thread title )

Uwila Mon 10-Jan-05 15:57:54

Uh.... I'm pregnant. It makes reading difficult. I started in the middle of the sentence... duh!

If it helps any, I think Dr. Eden has them. He's in St. John's Wood. Perhaps you feel better if you could get it sooner? You can check out Dr. Eden on

bakedpotato Mon 10-Jan-05 16:00:27

yes, it's e-med i'm thinking of. only got 3 wks til birth and they're all booked up til march...

Uwila Tue 11-Jan-05 09:45:04

What about waiting a few extra months and taking your dd in for the vax when the new one has settled into a sleep routine, assuming that's feasible around say 3 or 4 months old. (of course there are no guarantees on when they sleep through the night, but I recal the midwife telling me most babies sleep through the night between 8 and 12 weeks).

bakedpotato Tue 11-Jan-05 09:55:04

it has taken me sooo long to find a mumps vax that now i just want to get it sorted... i've booked it for march. ach, we'll be up all night anyway. and I'm reassured by CD's comment.

CountessDracula Tue 11-Jan-05 09:55:44

BP I hope she will be fine - my dd has never suffered a dodgy reaction to any vaccine tho

Uwila Tue 11-Jan-05 10:11:12

I think CD is probably right. My DD also has never suffered a bad reaction. But, I think that measels is supposed to be the bad one. So if she was okay with that one, I would expect her to be okay with mumps, too. Of course I am in no way qualified to give any kind of medical advice. You could ring the e-med mmr clinic and ask them what to expect in terms of likely reaction. Don't know the number off hand, but I think it's on their website in the mmr booking section.

Grommit Tue 11-Jan-05 10:13:00

My dd had the single mumps vaccine and did not suffer any reaction

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