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Just a quickie on Single MMR Clinics

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Lolski Mon 10-Jan-05 09:18:03

Sorry...I know that this subject has come up again and again but I am just making a decision on which clinic to go to for the individual jabs. I was just reading through all the archive threads on MN and wondered if any of you had used 'Choice Healthcare' in Harley Street. I would be really grateful for any feedback on them.

wild Mon 10-Jan-05 09:29:16

Can't comment on Harley St but check if they have the mumps vaccine in stock. We have had the first two jabs but are waiting and waiting for mumps cos of low availability. This is a nationwide picture. Our clinic now have it but are vaccinating cases that have been waiting a year and would not let us jump the queue even tho there was an outbreak where I work (close to ds nursery). Apart from that I can't imagine an difficulties you just go in hand over your credit card and come out 5 secs later a litte bit poorer

Lolski Mon 10-Jan-05 20:16:40


Uwila Mon 10-Jan-05 21:16:13

you might wish to try I signed dd up for her third jab (mumps). I made the appointment in December, and only have to wait until early Feb for the jab. So, the waiting time isn't bad. They are at the Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth in St. John's Wood.

TinyGang Mon 10-Jan-05 21:43:17

That's exactly the one we used for our twins and there was no problem - they were great.

Injections were done 2002/3. They did Sunday appointments too which was helpful as dh and I could both attend and travelling to London was quieter. There was never a problem with availability of the vaccinations and they answered all our questions quite openly without trying to push us or scare us into taking the single injection route. Their website is pretty good too as I remember.

Not sure if they are experiencing problems in obtaining the single vaccines now (wasn't the mumps one in short supply a while back?) you'd have to check with them.

Now the twins are over 3 I should think boosters will have to be thought about soon. 'Choice' recommend a blood test I think to see which, if any you need to do again. This of course has to be paid for privately again too - guess we'll face that when we come to it .

Davros Mon 10-Jan-05 22:06:29

Don't know about them but we used Holborn Medical Centre in Lambs Conduit St, try Google if you want an alternative in London. So far we've only had measles.

ChicPea Mon 10-Jan-05 22:55:37

Thanks for info all of you. Am going to do the single vaccines for DS now age 14mths.

mears Mon 10-Jan-05 23:06:11

I am wondering what to do about my 17 year old. It is now recommended his age group gets MMR because they did not get a booster as it wasn't available at the time. I opted not to have 2 MMR injections for youngest 2 although they did get the first one. Apparently mumps is on the go and they are being offered immunisation with MMR. I would rather have his immunity checked first really. Just posted to highlight the immunisation debate never ends!

ChicPea Mon 10-Jan-05 23:33:28

Mears, I would imagine it's easier to take blood from a 17 year old than a toddler to check immunity!!

mears Tue 11-Jan-05 09:27:24

I am sure it is but I doubt the GP will agree to it due to cost involved. They want to get money by immunising, not incur costs. Will need to phone and ask though.

Uwila Tue 11-Jan-05 09:40:09

Hi Mears,
If you want my opinion (okay even if you don't), I really can't see the logic in injecting the MMR into someone if you aren't sure they need it. Being a 17 year old boy, I would be more concerned about mumps. You might have to pay, but I would be inclined to get a private test to check the immunity, and they get him only the ones he needs. It's one thing to inject potentially harmful compunds into someone to prevent horrible and deadly isdeseases. But, it's quite another thing to run around injecting just in case they MIGHT need it. The second scenario, in my view, does not justify the associated risk.

However, concerning a 17 year old boy, I would check into the mumps factor.

mears Tue 11-Jan-05 10:54:06

Have phoned the surgery and there is a possibility they will check immunity first. I need to speak to the practice nurse who is not available till 2.30pm or tomorrow morning. Will see what happens.

mears Tue 11-Jan-05 10:54:50

Lost what I had typed to you already Uwila which is that I agree with you entirely.

Lolski Wed 12-Jan-05 12:22:04

Sorry to be a bore and bump this up again. Just hoped that someone else might see it that has been to Choice Healthcare in Harley never know !!

ChicPea Tue 25-Jan-05 21:00:32

I logged onto Dr Eden's website who are practicing from St John and Elizabeth. I have booked the measles jab for 21.3.5. Anyone looking at the single jab route should take a look. They charge £260 for all three single jabs paid for in advance. This I think is a good price. I called to say my DS has an egg allergy (hives and swollen eye) and she said as there isn't a respiratory reaction, the jab is still okay. On the other hand, she said she can give me details of a clinic who offer "egg free" jabs!!!!
So thanks Uwila. It was from you that I took the info from the web site.

ChicPea Wed 26-Jan-05 23:28:39

E-Med have had a cancellation so off for DS's measles jab tomorrow!!!

Uwila Thu 27-Jan-05 17:23:52

Ah, good, Chicpea. Glad I could help.

ChicPea Thu 27-Jan-05 18:55:02

DS had measles jab at 12.15 today. Gave him Piriton at 12.00 in case of rash but nothing. There is a 10 day window though where he might develop measles symptoms. Anyway, they were quick and efficient. (Thanks again Uwila).

binkie Fri 28-Jan-05 10:17:35

Fabulous Mumsnet (and Uwila). I have been stressing about what to do about dd's mumps jab - she's had all 3 singly, but the mumps jab didn't take - and now I see that she can have a further mumps single two minutes from her school with practically no waiting list. Yay.

ChicPea Fri 28-Jan-05 23:52:53

Binkie, how do you know the mumps jab didn't take? DId your DD have a blood test and if so, how did you manage to keep her still?
PS. I'm pleased Uwila made a recommendation too.

binkie Sat 29-Jan-05 08:53:41

Yes, we did an immunity test - think it was somewhere rather generically called The Doctors' Laboratory, in Harley Street. Keeping still - not so much a problem with her, but her brother!! We just all had to accept it would be a struggle and then do lots of apologising and praising afterwards.

Like you, we're in for a cancellation so the wait is even shorter than I'd thought.

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