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Vaginal prolapse

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Quimble Thu 19-Dec-02 22:16:30

I'm 27 weeks pregnant (baby no 2) and was diagnosed yesterday by my GP with a "very very severe" vaginal prolapse. She is going to refer me to a specialist at my local hospital (where I am due to have my baby too). I was really quite shocked as although i knew my pelvic floor was not all it should be (stress incontinence) I did not expect this.
as I was so shocked while at the surgery I hardly asked any questions, ie what exactly was the extent of it given that described it as v. v. severe. I think I'm going to call my GP in the morning and just get a bit of a fuller picture of exactly how bad it is.
So many things are going through my mind - how will this affect the last 13 weeks of my pregnancy, will I have premature labour, will I have to have a Ceasarian, will I have to have surgery to cure the prolapse, what will happen to my sex life, are pelvic floor exercises going to do any good, how could I have walked around all these weeks and not known something was up?. I know that I can discuss all these things once I see the specialist, but I don't know how long it will be before I get the appt. In the meantime
Does anyone else have any experience of anything like this?

Quimble Thu 19-Dec-02 22:21:47

PS My first birth was a normal vaginal delivery, no stitches, no forceps, and I was "only" 30 then. This has only happened during this pregnancy (my son was 18 months when I conceived this time round)

whellid Fri 20-Dec-02 15:44:08

Sorry Quimble I have no experience of this, but I hope the doctor was able to answer some of your questions.

Hebe Fri 20-Dec-02 17:37:53

I am worried that I am suffering from this too. It is two months since I had my baby and have tried to do pelvic floor exercises but not very successfully. I have not seen the gp yet but am worried about the possibility of needing surgery.

Quimble Fri 20-Dec-02 21:45:10

Hebe, you may find that its just the muscles that need toning up again (by the blasted pelvic floor exercises that are just so tedious). Let you GP have a look and maybe you'll be reassured. My friend who had weakness after her dd was born has been referred to a physiotherapist which has meant that she has set goals to work for with her pelvic exercises and the incentive of regular progress checks with the Physio. I'm sorry because I know how you feel. It is scary.
My prolapse has been brought on by the weight of the baby in the womb, combined with weak muscles I suppose. I didn't have the prolapse until this pregnancy.
The GP was not in today, so she's going to call me on Monday morning.

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