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can you still get measles if youve had the mmr?

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cheesesarnie Tue 29-Apr-08 12:27:33

some people are saying you can some are saying you cant?

yurt1 Tue 29-Apr-08 12:28:12

yes you can.

DS1 caught rubella from a vaccinated child.

Seona1973 Tue 29-Apr-08 12:29:48

they arent 100% effective so you could catch measles if you didnt pick up the immunity properly. This is also why they get a 2nd MMR just before school as that picks up some of the kids that didnt get immunity from the first jab.

cheesesarnie Tue 29-Apr-08 12:30:06

really?do they get it the same or not as serious?

Cammelia Tue 29-Apr-08 12:30:44

No vaccination is 100% efficacious

Tiggiwinkle Tue 29-Apr-08 12:30:49

Definitely! Two of mine had it after being vaccinated. It is not a 100% vaccine.

cheesesarnie Tue 29-Apr-08 12:31:40


poodlepusher Tue 29-Apr-08 12:32:00

Yes. The reason they have an MMR Booster is that for 2% of the people vaccinated the first time, it doesn't work.

yurt1 Tue 29-Apr-08 12:32:07

Depends. If they have no immunity they get it the same, if they have partial immunity they get a mild form. But who knows- measles in it's natural form varies from mild- serious.

Vaccination can wear off as well.

Tiggiwinkle Tue 29-Apr-08 12:32:16

Chessesarnie-one of mine was actually still quite unwell with it despite having had the jab.

yurt1 Tue 29-Apr-08 12:34:39

Lot more than 2%- mumps in MMR form is about 65%% effective (more in single). Studies vary- but the recent studies are revising efficiacy downwards for MMR.

When Hib was introduced it was meant to be one jab for life, they then found that by the end of the second year immunity was very low, hence the booster. maybe there'll be another one in a few years.

The main reason to understand that immunity is guaranteed is with rubella. Symptoms are mild so it's easy to think 'oh it can't be rubella he's had MMR' and then spread it everywhere!

hatrick Tue 29-Apr-08 12:38:51

Message withdrawn

jenkel Tue 29-Apr-08 13:10:40

I know 2 children who were under 4 (the age of the 2nd booster) that were immunised and went on to get Measles, one of the little girls was very very poorly with it.

cheesesarnie Tue 29-Apr-08 13:15:57

thanks.all it was is that after watching the news last night about measles going round we panicked as ds2 got a rash the other day.i think it was chicken pox(for 3rd time) anmnd its fading now and he was perfectly well.we just panicked and no one could tell us yes or no about mmr.pic on my profile of rash.not good pic and as i said hes much better

hatrick Tue 29-Apr-08 13:34:24

Message withdrawn

MumtoJAZ Tue 29-Apr-08 13:36:00


My daughter had measles when she was 2.5 years old, she had had the mmr when she was 20months.
She was very ill for a week before the rash appeared, high temp 104, ear ache which resulted with 2 trips to the hospital on seperate occasions. I.m thankful that she had had the mmr as it could have been alot more serious. Saying that though she has had mumps also. Just unlucky i guess.

onepieceoflollipop Tue 29-Apr-08 13:38:07

My dd1 had measles about a year after the MMR. She wasn't seriously ill with it thankfully. (GP did confirm it was definitely measles). She had a mild rash for a few days and was off her food for a bit.

But as others have said it can be very serious. In our case the cpox was far worse.

hatrick Tue 29-Apr-08 13:41:57

Message withdrawn

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