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mooncup help please

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mooncupvirgin Sun 09-Jan-05 16:04:50

Ok, so I know a mooncup isn't to everyone's taste, but my new years resolution is to try it out. Just wondered if anyone can give me tips on getting it in and out. It seems HUGE in comparison to tampons and although I have had a baby, I worry it might hurt going up and down!

Also, do you have to keep it sterilised for all of the time in between your periods, or is it enough to sterilise it once (say afterwards)and then keep it in it's bag until the next time?

leahbump Sun 09-Jan-05 16:12:48

Hi I just sterilise mine at end of period and put it back in it's bag in the loo!!

as for getting it in and out- it takes a while to get the hang of it...but they key is to stay relaxed and not pannic. I would recomend that if you suffer from tender 'bits' around your period that you have a dry run before you get tender...just use a lubricant to insert and get it out...that way you will know that you can do it and that will give you the confidence (and hopefully make you a bit more relaxed about it) when your period is around.


ps- it has only rarely hurt with me- wish I'd found it years ago....periods are much more pleasant this way!

Bozza Sun 09-Jan-05 16:52:58

Just sterilise it once. Insertion does get easier with practice. Relax and follow the instructions.

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