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Food intol/behavioral changes following gastro

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editht Sun 09-Jan-05 00:17:48

Hi everyone,
Does anyone here have any exp with food intolerances following a gastro virus. DS who is 22mo had 2 severe bouts of gastro - 1 week apart -approx 6mths ago. Since then he's had loose stools, he's been irritable, clingy, sleeps less, seems a little anxious, withdrawn. It took us 5 months to make the connection between the gastro and the behavioral changes because we'd had no experience with digestive problems/food intolerances in children. It wasn't until we saw a naturopath and looked back at photos that we were able to pinpoint exactly when it started. The naturopath strongly believes that the gastro infections damaged the lining of his intestines. We've just started to remove gluten/lactose products from his diet, and within days we've already noticed improvements in his behavior (little more alert and sociable, and has started to happily pose for photos again after not having done so for 6 months!!!!) DS is still being bf'd so I've also removed lactose/gluten from my diet. We're meeting with a nutritionist next week but just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and how long you avoided gluten/lactose and any other information/advice you are able to share with me would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Edith.

Loobie Sun 09-Jan-05 18:22:18

You could try giving him probiotics to help out his gut,i gave then to dd after she had her mmr and she really settled down.You can buy them as capsules and open them up and sprinkle them in ds food.

editht Sun 09-Jan-05 21:16:55

Hi loobie. That's great advice, and was also one of the naturopath's recommendations. We've been using this powder for a few days now. Hopefully it will speed up the healing process Thankyou!

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