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Nothing can bring me down today ...

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Twiglett Sat 08-Jan-05 10:43:34

Oooo cover me in marmite and call me happy

When DH was 27 he was diagnosed with a particularly nasty degenerative arthritic condition (Ankylosing Spondilitis and Psoriatic Arthritis)

The bloke I knew virtually disappeared .. he had to, over the course of a few years, give up everything he loved doing .. cricket, football, any sport you can name he played .. rollerblading, dancing ... with it he gave up on friends .. because they were sort of associated with sports and the pub after (he is no longer allowed to drink because of medication)


this morning ... DH has gone off to an ART CLASS

he is trying to find a new interest

it has been 3.5 years since he's felt good enough to do something for himself .. and find an interest he can manage

and I just want to shout to the hilltops .. the partner I had 5 years ago might be finally coming back to me

.. this will make no sense to anyone else .. but it does to me and I wanted to post

Whizzz Sat 08-Jan-05 10:44:39

Twiglett thats great !

Yorkiegirl Sat 08-Jan-05 10:44:39

Message withdrawn

vict17 Sat 08-Jan-05 10:44:57

excellent news Twiglett!! Hope he enjoys himself and makes lots of new frineds too

mishmash Sat 08-Jan-05 10:45:16

Great news - it must be difficult on all of you.

ladymuck Sat 08-Jan-05 10:45:22

Good from him (and you!)!

You did check out what sort of art class it was though .

Potty1 Sat 08-Jan-05 10:46:07

That's brilliant Twiglett, great to hear some good news. Well done Mr Twig

Twiglett Sat 08-Jan-05 10:46:17

<snurk> LM

edam Sat 08-Jan-05 10:46:24

Oh Twig that is fantastic! I'm getting quite tearful here and I don't even know him. Aw, that is so lovely. I hope he has the time of his life. You both soooooooo deserve it.

... and nice to have a bit of good news after recent shenanigans on here too ...

Twiglett Sat 08-Jan-05 10:50:33

and DD just crawled across the room .. well bottom up, move forward, fall down, bottom up, move forward, fall down

head is now in DS's lego (duplo) and she is DD the destructor PMSL

ooo ..its gonna be a GOOD DAY

TheDragon Sat 08-Jan-05 10:52:15

emmaTooMuchGrub Sat 08-Jan-05 10:52:59

an excellent day for The Twiglett family

PuffTheMagicDragon Sat 08-Jan-05 10:53:06

Good on your dh .

scaltygirl Sat 08-Jan-05 10:54:17

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Sat 08-Jan-05 10:54:31

Arrrggghhh .. he just called .. he hadn't booked a place .. he turned up on spec .. he has to wait outside till 11am to see how many people turn up and whether there's space for him

.... oh gawd .. keep yer fingers crossed ... poo bums

emmaTooMuchGrub Sat 08-Jan-05 10:56:52

only 5 minutes though.....surely if the place was gonna be full all the pupils would be there by now.

Fingers tightly crossed anyway.

Twiglett Sat 08-Jan-05 10:59:40

oh I can tell its gonna be MY fault if he doesn't get in

never thought I'd be concerned about a blinkin' art class .. an art class FFS

emmaTooMuchGrub Sat 08-Jan-05 11:02:10

is he in?

11:02 by my watch?

Casmie Sat 08-Jan-05 11:04:51

Twiglett that sounds great - keeping fingers and toes crossed for you.

Twiglett Sat 08-Jan-05 11:06:26

I assume by the lack of any further communication he's in (I wouldn't guarantee it, knowing him) .. but I'll go back to anyway

emmaTooMuchGrub Sat 08-Jan-05 11:07:32


tamum Sat 08-Jan-05 11:10:35

Oh Twiglett how lovely. I'm so pleased for you, and for him. It must have been such misery. I do hope he gets in.

weightwatchingwaterwitch Sat 08-Jan-05 11:10:35

Oh I hope he got in, lovely news, can understand why you're happy Twig.

lou33 Sat 08-Jan-05 12:46:34

that's wonderful twiglett

Blossomhill Sat 08-Jan-05 12:51:44

That's lovely Twiglett
It's thread's like this that are what mumsnet are really about!!!

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