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how to use gyno-trosyd vaginal tablets for yeast infection?

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hazlinh Sat 08-Jan-05 02:37:19

can anyone help me?? i've just bought some Gyno-Trosyd for yeast infection (it's like canesten i guess), with 3 vaginal tablets and an applicator, but the instructions leaflet isnt in the box!! how do i [ahem] use it?? never done this before, obviously (and i have problems wif tampons too)

tentunturq Sat 08-Jan-05 02:50:47

Is this any help?

hazlinh Sat 08-Jan-05 03:10:46

ooh thanks2 that was a quick response!

do u know how i use the applicator and [ahem] how far in the tablets need to go?

tentunturq Sat 08-Jan-05 03:46:43

Well (guessing here) :Load the tablet into the applicator, insert it like you would a tampon, push the plunger as far as it will go and presumably that will put it as far up as necessary? Take deep breaths and squat slightly. I would assume as far in as possible is best.
Good luck

hazlinh Sat 08-Jan-05 05:13:47

sorry again if this is a silly question. the applicator itself is really long (12 cm). how far in do i insert THAT?

Catbert Sat 08-Jan-05 07:52:30

As far as it will go - you can't get it too far in (you have a cervix that stops it eventually!!), and it's long because you still need to have a grip on it, and the further in it goes, the more are the tablet will covr when it melts.

Try in the postion your tampax applicator leaflet will say. Put one foot on the toilet seat, and aim towards your bottom (slightly downwards. It won't hurt and the applicator is thin, so you should be able to manouver it so it feels comfortable.

Oh - and do it at night, that way it won't all immediately leak out with gravity when the melting starts!

Breathe, and don't tense up. You'll feel a lot better when it's done!

hazlinh Sat 08-Jan-05 09:47:13

thanks, will try later tonight then!

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